Converting LOTRED decks to SWED

I’ve done this twice recently with the Freedon Nadd and Ahsoka, Defender of Corvus decks, so I thought I’d explain briefly.  I make a lot of SWED decks.  I get ideas and sometimes they come together really well and really elegantly.  Sometimes they don’t.  In making decks for LOTRED, it has been no different.  Some decks, like Gandalf, are perfectly good decks that fit the character, but there’s nothing especially unique or interesting about Gandalf as a deck.  Others, though, came together really well.

It’s not like I’m out of original ideas.  Decks like The Mandalorian and Moff Gideon are new and original.  But, since LOTRED has some great decks, and since I barely ever get to play LOTRED, if I see a chance to fit a LOTRED deck to a Star Wars character, I’m going to do it.  There are also plenty of concepts that can be taken from LOTRED decks, even if whole cloth decks aren’t simply reconfigured.

Here are the decks I’ve already converted:

  • Bilbo just came together really well, and I’ve been looking for a way to bring that in.  Enter, Ahsoka in The Mandalorian.
  • I pretty much like all the decks in the Legends set, but I love the Eye of Sauron deck so much that I actively sought a Star Wars character to give it to until I found Freedon Nadd.
  • I also really like Elrond from that same set, so Sifo Dyas has a version of it.
  • I’ve always really liked the Eomer deck and while it doesn’t fit Star Wars nearly as well, I gave it to Enfys Nest.

Here are some of the LOTR decks I’d still most like to convert to Star Wars:

  • I absolutely love the Nazgul deck.  I’m hoping that the Dark Troopers in The Mandalorian TV series will be a nice fit for that concept, though in our first look at them, they come in 4s.
  • The Uruk-hai Army deck is also really fun.  I’ve come close to finding pairs of Star Wars characters to put into a deck like this and will continue to keep an eye out for the opportunity.
  • Legolas and Gimli is one of my favorite Epic Duels decks of any theme.  However, I think it unlikely that the COMPETITION concept will ever fit a Star Wars deck (I came up with an Anakin-Ahsoka idea for it at one time but I wasn’t interested enough to pursue that).
  • Sauron the Dark Lord is really powerful but it’s also really fun.  Would love to find a super powerful Sith duelist and give that deck to him.
  • I love the Smaug deck but it really fits him and will not likely fit any non-dragon.  So unless we make a Krayt Dragon deck…

Some other decks with good concepts:

  • Saruman does several fun things.  The deck could be given to someone basically as is, but the concepts could also be used separately.
  • I wouldn’t convert the Aragorn deck wholesale, but I do really like the SHARDS OF NARSIL + ANDURIL combination and could see something similar applying to a lightsaber-wielder.
  • Some version of Eowyn’s I AM NO MAN card belongs in a deck somewhere, as probably does the combo with Merry’s DESPERATE STRIKE.
  • Gollum’s DECEIT card is worth building a Star Wars deck around, with or without TREACHERY as a combo.
  • I don’t feel like Gothmog’s deck ever came together really well, but there are some decent concepts in there for a commander type.
  • Azog’s RAGE is an interesting concept that I haven’t played with enough to really know how it works, but I’m interested in trying this card, and this type of card, in SW decks.
  • Bolg never really came together well IMO but the “sacrifice my guys to get stronger” concept definitely has a place with a Sith warrior somewhere.
  • The Great Goblin is a deck that will likely never ever get played by anyone, anywhere, but it’s actually pretty clever and fun and would be good for a commander.  Main thing is, you start with 2 weak minors but with cards you can add more to the board.

It’s worth mentioning, it’s not like I think the other LOTRED decks are bad.  Decks like Frodo, Sharku and Treebeard are all fun and fit their characters very well, but like the Gandalf deck, there’s just nothing especially unique or interesting about them as decks.  It’s like, once you take the character away, it’s just a collection of cards.  Some decks are like that but I wouldn’t bother bringing a deck like that over to Star Wars.

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