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We’ve been playing and blogging about Epic Duels, the predecessor of Unmatched, since 2003 and this blog has been around since 2007.  We want to create content for Unmatched and share it with you.

Decks by Restoration Games

Alice and Jabberwock
King Arthur and Merlin
Medusa and Harpies
Sinbad and Porter

Big Foot and Jackalope
Robin Hood and Outlaws

Bruce Lee


Count Dracula
Invisible Man
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
Sherlock Holmes & Dr. Watson

Red Riding Hood

Bloody Mary
Sun Wukong

Decks by Geektopia

The Mandalorian
Moff Gideon
General Kenobi
Dark Anakin

Paul Bunyan
Johnny Appleseed

Resources for creating your own decks

Unmatched deck structure

Unmatched Vassal Module, compatible with the Epic Duels Deck Designer

PowerPoint (X) Printable Test Deck Maker: If you use PowerPoint, this is a simple black-and-white PPTX template to lay out your deck for printing and testing before you lay it out with graphics in Jonathan G’s Deck Maker.

Unmatched Deck Maker by Jonathan G

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