Wizard Bags & Biscuits

While traveling in the wilderness, one pair of wizards happen across another. When the two groups first meet, they are delighted to find company, but civility quickly leads to prideful behavior and braggadocious storytelling. Eventually one wizard stands up and demands a duel.

Wizard Bags is a brand new game coming soon from Geektopia Games. It expands on the bean bag toss game Cornhole by adding 12 magical effects to bags thrown in the game.

Spell effects include:

Fire, Healing, Frost, Invisibility, Poison, Acid, Thievery, Dark Magic, Lucky, Teleportation, Magic Missile, and Inspiration.

Click here for the Wizard Bags rules.

But that’s not all, we’ve also bewitched some Crokinole discs to be used in a flicking version of the game we call Wizard Biscuits.

Click here for the Wizard Biscuits rules.

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