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Minor(s): 2 Fire Pillars

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Maybe you’re like, ok, nobody should be able to take on Smaug.  But, people really wanted to see a deck for him, and Robert Moore came up with the idea of Fire Pillars as his minors and the mold for a deck.  Separatist contributed greatly as well and the deck turned out really well.

In 2020, the LOTRED Legend set was created and Smaug suddenly looked a bit lacking, so MY BREATH IS DEATH and DRAGON SCALES were adjusted to increase his power level.

by Roman, Robert Moore and Separatist
Updated February 2020

23 HP
Red Deck

2x Fire Pillars
2 HP each
Weak Ranged Minor Deck (but Melee)

Smaug – 12 Talent Cards

3x My Breath is Death
A9.  Play face up when attacking and you may attack at range.  Place up to 2 Fire Pillars adjacent to the target character, restoring to full health all Fire Pillars including any that were destroyed.

3x Dragonscales
D10*.  *If WEAK SPOT REVEALED is in your discard pile, and a Power Attack is played that would be enough to destroy Smaug, then Smaug is destroyed.

1x My Teeth Are Swords
A4*.  If this attack does damage, attack value is 10.

2x Fiery Explosion
Each Pillar of Fire does 2 damage to each character adjacent to it.  Then remove both Fire Pillars.

2x My Wings a Hurricane
Move Smaug to any open space.  Draw a card.

1x Weak Spot Revealed
You must discard this card as soon as you draw it.  Then draw another card.  This card stays in your discard pile if you

Notes:  Take him up against SWED decks and let us know how he does!

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