Month: June 2019

Good to great: Do you think about UI in your board game design?

“I think the tables are easy to read, for the most part,” states D in this review of Cage Match! by Board Crazy Games. “And, the results on these tables make a lot of sense to me as well,” adds Will.  “Because of these charts,” he adds a bit later, “This game could have easily been, …

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Board Game Design Diary: Our first Cage Match! review plus final game changes

We’re getting great coverage and feedback on Cage Match!, check it all out! Read an interview with Zatu Games. Watch 2 complete play-throughs from Board Crazy Games. Or watch the quick play-through version. See the Review from Board Crazy Games. Visit the boardgamegeek page to rate, review or ask questions. Sign up to follow the …

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See Cage Match! in action!

Thanks to the fine folks at Board Crazy Games, you can watch complete play-throughs of 2 matches.  The fact that both play-throughs, along with a full explanation of the rules, can complete in 30 minutes tells you how fast this game plays.  Plenty of twists and turns in both fights, check it out! They also …

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