Epic Duels Gallery: Justin’s Epic Duels set (with added content)

I’ve noticed that there isn’t really a good place to post pictures of Epic Duels.  Would people post to a Facebook or Instagram account?  We can’t really post at the Wiki and the boardgamegeek photos section isn’t ideal, either.  We could fire up the old Yahoo! group, lol.

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For now, we can use this blog.  If you’ve got pictures of your Epic Duels set that you want to share, and they cover a wide variety of decks and designers, then get in touch with me.  Justin’s set is really exciting and he’s sharing with us, and what I really like about it is that it includes decks from many different designers and great figures throughout.  He sent an email with captions, but I’m going to go ahead and respond to those like we’re having a conversation.

Justin:  4-LOM and Zuckuss might be one of my MOST used fan-made decks. That sniper shot deals a hefty blow. We added these hunters during our first expansion effort in 2010.
Roman: I think this is the DT deck.  These figures are the original 4-LOM and the original Zuckuss.  Probably hard to come by these days, but you can find a lot for sale every now and then.
Justin:  This was one of the first pairs my brother downloaded during our first expansion effort, for some reason.  Rarely used, it’s still funny to have a Ackbar deck, though, I feel wedge is missing his pilot’s seat.
Roman: That Ackbar & Wedge deck is practically a collector’s edition antique at this point, I don’t know where to find it but I do remember it and I always thought this was the best of the Ackbar decks.  Maybe Aaron Shockley made this one?  That’s the Mon Calamari Mercenary figure.  The Rebel Pilot figure makes a great Wedge (and Poe).
Justin:  We had to get all the beasties in our first expansion effort. They probably cost the most, the 4 big monsters, but they’re actually great to use, these two especially.
Roman:  Acklay & Nexu is another DT deck.  I’ve never played with any of these beasties but they look great.
Justin:  Ahsoka and Rex is a new one I just did in 2019, and I haven’t had the chance to use it yet, but Rex did cost a pretty penny for the Star Wars miniature.
Roman:  The advantage of waiting on this one is that you get the better deck back.  Yeah, the Captain Rex fig is expensive.  The Captain Rex, 501st Commander is a cheaper way to go, but doesn’t fit this deck as well.
Justin:  The Anakin matches his get-up for Revenge of the Sith and not Attack of the Clones, but who’s really complaining. Padme is on point when I bought the miniature version, however.
Roman:  This is Anakin, Jedi Knight and probably the best sculpt for Anakin.  We use this figure for our Obi-Wan & Anakin deck.  This is also a great Padmé Amidala figure, but they’re hard to come by these days.  I also love the sculpt for Padme from Epic Duels.
Justin:  I had to show my brother Genndy Tartakovsky’s Clone Wars to convince him to get this pair, but they’re both fun and really great to use.  I always thought Durge should’ve made a resurface in Christopher Miloni’s Clone Wars like Asajj, but alas!
Roman: I love that version of the Clone Wars cartoon as well, and showing the episode where Asajj is introduced, sold my group on making a deck for her.  This looks like the EU Asajj & Durge.  They are great characters, but I find this deck to be overpowered.  I prefer the 10YA Asajj and Mike Maloney’s Durge.  Or, your can use our Asajj and our Durge.
Justin:  I’m not terribly proud of these two custom miniatures creations, but I like to think of them as legends, like Beckett and Val had been on a previous score and this is how they looked before we met them in Solo. Beckett is impersonating a trooper of some kind, duel wielding pistols and Val is just a bit altered.
Roman:  So great to see this deck come to life!  I think your minis are fine.

Justin:  This Boba miniature is dope, right? Firing the rocket is something we only ever saw his pops do.  Greedo, while looking cool, is a pretty useless minor character… arguably the most useless secondary in the game.  He kills himself!

Replacing all the original cast of Epic Duels fighters with their miniature counterparts was tough but getting to see beautiful models like these two made it SO worth it.
Roman: This is the Boba Fett, Enforcer figure, along with the original Greedo, who was a key figure in a Star Wars Miniatures tournament I played in long ago.  I’ll go ahead and plug my solution to the Boba & Greedo problem.  Use our Boba & Dengar deck, and our Greedo & Ponda Baba & Dr. Evazan deck.  Greedo still kills himself, of course, but he can still get lucky.
Justin: Custom making these two was both easy -Cassian- and hard -K2SO.  Cassian was just a paint job of a different cloaked guard of some kind. K-2 is an amalgamation of MULTIPLE droids. Superglue and paint does wonders.
Roman: This is also exciting for me to see.  For Cassian, I use the Corellian Pirate and for K-2SO, I use the Proxy Droid.  I think this deck is OK but kind of weak.  Let me know how it plays for you.
Justin:  Chirrut and Baze were another pair I was determined to get because of their chemistry. Not being a huge fan of Rogue One, these two are some of the best parts. These were simple re-paints of figures that looked close enough. I did however take the head off of the Sith that I used for Chirrut and replaced it with a more human looking one. I got these Rogue one dudes in 2019.
Roman: Those are great mods! We use Kir Kanos for Chirrut and Talon Karrde for Baze.  Looks like you’re using our version of this deck, let us know how it goes.

Justin:  Dash Rendar is one of my favorite Star Wars video game characters because Shadows of the Empire was a fun game!

He’s like Han but more of a bad-ass. My brother got him on our first go around in 2010.
Roman:  I also love me some Shadows of the Empire, an all-time great video game.  The EU Dash Rendar is a great, great deck.  Good luck finding a Dash figure these days.
Justin:  They look surprisingly similar to the original figures, except better. It always made me wonder why the budget on the original games miniatures was so gross and abysmal.
Roman: Yeah, these are sweet minis.  Dooku is probably the most played deck by us, ever.  I think that figure is called Count Dooku, Separatist Leader (or it’s called Count Dooku of Serenno).
Justin:  Emperor with the saber like Revenge of the Sith is great, and look at the guards!
Roman:  That’s Darth Sidious, Supreme Chancellor.  We use that figure for the Darth Plagueis & Apprentice Sidious deck.

Justin:  Finn and Poe were an easy decision in 2019, because they were some of the best parts of Force Awakens! Bromance!

I took a Naboo guard for Finn, similar to Captain Tanaka, and used an older modeled rebel fighter for Poe, but repainted him.
Roman:  I’m giddy to see this one come to life as well. The Naboo guard is a good solution for Finn.  The regular Rebel Pilot figure from Minis makes for a solid Poe.  I think this is a good deck that plays well, but let me know what your experience is.
Justin:  Grievous probably was the first download from 2010 that we got because the prospects of a deck with his arsenal sounded amazing. I wish I had a figure with four arms and four sabers though!
Roman: The figure is General Grievous, Supreme Commander and while General Grievous, Jedi Hunter might be near-impossible to find, General Grievous, Droid Army Commander is a 4-arm figure that might be a little easier on the wallet.  However, I’ve looked through all the Grievous decks but I can’t identify this one.  It’s definitely not our 4-armed version.  Do you know where you got it?
Justin:  Really great new figures for the original heroes.
Roman: Yeah, those are great figs!  I had to reach out for help to figure what figures these are.  That’s General Solo and Chewbacca, Enraged Wookie.
Justin:  We got Bossk and IG88 the same time as the previous hunter expansions, 2010, but these two play just as well!
Roman: Wow, that’s our pre-Deck Designer IG-88 & Bossk deck!  An oldie but goodie, didn’t really change much over the years.
Justin:  I don’t know if anyone has used Hutt and Bib since 2010, but the Jabba figure is from a completely different game and I just pasted him to a miniature black base for uniform appearance!
Roman:  So, I think this is Mike Maloney’s Jabba & Bib deck, but I feel like there used to be at least one other Jabba & Bib deck so I’m not sure.
Justin:  Jana and Jacen were my brothers ideas, they play interestingly enough like what would eventually be Rey and Kylo, which… makes sense.
Roman: I’ve always really liked the Solo Twins deck from the EU.
Justin:  This Jango looks great! Zam doesn’t have the sniper, but it’s not a real loss.
Roman: The original Jango with Zam Wessell, Bounty Hunter.  They do look great.
Justin:  This was my brother’s idea of a joke in 2010, but they’ve actually won a couple matches. Maybe the joke was on me more than I thought.
Roman:  Now, where did you get that deck?  Rune Harro’s Jawa deck is one of actually 4 Jawa decks available.  You do have me intrigued.
Justin:  I got Ezra and Kanan from Star Wars Assault and painted them, putting them on Miniatures bases for the uniform look. They blend in pretty well. This deck is tough though. If one goes, it won’t take long for the other.
Roman: Well, you’ve got me beat here.  I don’t really know these guys or this deck, but it looks like it’s cfinton’s deck.
Justin: Ki Adi Mundi was an easy addition when I went back and added all the other notable Jedi I could get my hands on this year. I’m sad I never got my hands on Saesee Tinn or Aayla Secura, honestly.
Roman: Keep looking for lots on eBay and you may pick up a bunch of Jedi, maybe even get inspired to make new decks for them.  This looks like Darth Ayan’s Ki Adi Mundi deck.
Justin:  Kit Fisto was bought, sporting his look from Genndy’s Clone Wars, but Nahdar I made by hand. Jedi with blue saber, repainted, cut off the head and pasted on a Mon Calamari. Lol funny looking, totally works.
Roman: This is umondy’s Fisto & Nahdar deck, a recent addition, and one that I like a lot, not that I’ve played it.
Justin:  Lando was another quick add that I was surprised they didn’t include in the original game. We got him and his guards in 2010.
Roman: Adding Lando is one of the very first things that the Epic Duels Online Community got busy doing.  Scott Hagarty’s Lando deck is classic and the best.
Justin: Look at Jesus Luke! What a boss. Leia’s sporting the original princess look.
Roman: I’ve thought of doing a deck for this exact figure, Luke Skywalker, Champion of the Force, but I’ve got enough flavor of him in the Luke Rebel Commando deck.  I think that’s Leia Organa, Senator, who was a key part of a Gen Con Star Wars Miniatures squad I ran once.
Justin:  Luminara and Barris were another addition in 2010, but that’s because the figures were so cheap!
Roman:  This was pre-Deck Designer, back when we had to scratch stuff together with Rich Pizor’s templates.  Classic deck though.
Justin:  Mace is one of my favorite Jedi Masters, in no doubt thanks to Samuel L Jackson.
Roman:  Womp rat may taste like pumpkin pie, but I wouldn’t know because I’d never eat the filthy m———.

Justin: Mara Jade was a weird addition I wasn’t sure about until I saw she was with Anakin JR.  I haven’t used her yet, but she’s brand spanking new.

Roman: I love the EU deck even though it famously let me down once.  That’s Mara Jade Skywalker though I think most people prefer the Mara Jade, Jedi version, but it ain’t cheap if you can find it at all.

Justin:  How about this Maul! He’s beautiful. I had to replace the original card after it got chewed up by my dog.  He was my most used deck in the original game. He has reason to be.

Roman: Maul is really fun and well-designed, and one of the few decks we’ve never tinkered with.  This is probably the best Maul sculpt, Darth Maul, Champion of the Sith.
Justin:  General Kenobi. The coolest version!
Roman: General Obi-Wan Kenobi to be exact, plus the clones are cool.
Justin: Plo Koon is custom made using spare parts of different Jedis and his species. Looks fun with the yellow saber especially!s
Roman: Awesome mod!  Though there’s nothing wrong with a Plo Koon figure, if you can find one.  This is another deck from Darth Ayan.
Justin:  Jar Jar is from a different miniature set… I forget where. Qui Gon is from the miniatures game. We added these guys in 2010. They’re not so bad!
Roman: Looks like Sultan’s Qui-Gon deck, the one that thumped my Mara Jade in that Gen Con tournament.  Even though Sultan himself recommended Mike Maloney’s for the 10-Year Anniversary set, I actually prefer Sultan’s.  In part, because of that experience at Gen Con but also because it feels like Qui-Gon should have been part of the original game, and Sultan’s deck is almost what Qui-Gon would look like had he been included.  That’s the Qui-Gon Jinn, Jedi Master figure and that Jar-Jar is pretty fitting, wherever its from.
Justin:  The minute my brother saw that there was a figure AND a deck, I think he spent $40 on it back in 2010. It’s not used as often, being a huge target, but every once in a while he gets to come out of his cage.
Roman:  Truly awesome.  Raistlin’s Rancor deck.  Raistlin is a friend of the blog.
Justin:  The reek is another early addition in 2010
Roman: Yep, goes with your other DT beastie deck.  Scott Hagarty has made many fine decks.
Justin:  I chopped the hair off of a Legends Leia Jedi Master(I know) and painted her with Rey’s colors.  Kylo gets a lot of nods. I custom made him with a different sword wielding miniature. Chopped the head off, put on a girl with long black hair(hah), added bits of red lightsaber and BOOM, painted it all black. Hahaha He looks great, right!?

Roman: That is so seriously awesome that I made it the cover of this post.  Kylo is a modified Sidious, Dark Lord of the Sith, I think.  I use the Kylo from the Monopoly game and Leia Bounty Hunter as Rey.  Darth Wolverine made the deck.

Justin:  Shaak Ti is one of the cooler female Jedi Knights and her deleted scene in Revenge of the Sith takes out a lot of Grievous’ villainy built upon in Genndy’s series. The heartbreak of her death removed from the film is kinda nail-to-coffin for continuity of Genndy’s series.
Roman:  That’s Mike Maloney’s Shaak Ti deck.
Justin:  Starkiller was a quick addition because Force Unleashed is a hell of a fun time. I’ll work on getting a KOTOR rep soon. Maybe when Mandalorian comes around, I’ll go back for some of the older decks I wanted but didn’t have time to grab in 2019. I actually just won a game with this pair. Juno isn’t super useless! Yay!
Roman: This is something because I’ve never seen a deck for this character, and not all my friends even know this game like maybe Shadows of the Empire or KOTOR.  This is the umondy deck for them, I wonder which version.
Justin:  My brother loves Tarkin. This deck is a lot of fun. We got him in 2010.
Roman: I can’t say I recognize that Tarkin, neither the battle card nor the back.  Maybe Scott’s before he updated it?
Justin:  No one has tried Thrawn yet, but he should be quite a threat. I was so excited to see his jump into Rebels.
Roman: The EU Thrawn is a great deck, have fun!  I recommend going ahead and downloading the remaining EU decks besides Corran Horn.  I would add Talon Karrde, Kyle Katarn (with some tweaks that I use), Xizor, Bane, Exar Kun, Malak & Bastila, plus anyone else I forgot.  I’m sure figures are an issue, though.
Justin:  Look at this Vader! He’s like the end of Rogue-One! Not that I like that movie or scene in particular, but yay! MENACING.
Roman: I think this figure is called “Darth Vader”.  I prefer Darth Vader, Jedi Hunter, but as long as you’re not too specific, Vaders are a dime a dozen.
Justin:  Lastly, but not least, this little Dagobah boy. Great detail on this miniature.
Roman:  I think that’s Yoda of Degobah, probably my favorite sculpt for him.
Now, here are the decks in action:


  1. JAG18 says:

    Most impressive!

    This guy totally needs to upload scans of that Ackbar/Wedge deck or at least a text version. Would be cool to see it resurrected.

    Also, I’m 99% sure that that Grievous deck is DT’s before he updated it. I should know, it was one of the first decks I printed out back in the day.

  2. Darth Wolverine says:

    Hey, really cool to see someone printed off my Kylo and Rey deck. I hope Justin enjoys using it. Love this whole post.

    • JusDon says:

      That’s a tough one! Once one of them dies, it’s hard to keep the other one alive! haha i like it! Handmade figures for them too. Really happy with the results.
      I can’t wait to see what you boys come up with for the Mandalorian! hahah

    • Justin says:

      Hey Gintas,
      Believe it or not MOST of these pieces are from the Star Wars miniature and legion games. They’re not super cheap but 3d printing is. Printing all the cards and laminating them at a staples is also super inexpensive.
      If I can put all of this together, anyone can!

      The only stuff I’d say is hard to duplicate are the pieces I frankensteined from other pieces like sequel series or specific legends characters who never got figures of their own.

      Believe it or not, and this is for Roman as well, I’ve actually expanded this even more recently. I’ve added Mandolorian decks, more Rogue One decks, and Solo decks. And I’ve also finally got my KotOR rep as well as Fallen Order!
      I found a really great 3D printing guy online who did steady work for all of the above. Highly recommend doing the research to find him and make those decks happen!

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