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Even less is even more: Cage Match final game update

About a year ago, we cut the elements of Cage Match! in half, and the game became much better for it.  Over the past couple of weeks, racing towards our deadline to print in time for the holidays, we reduced it even further, and what was a good game is really and truly a great …

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Good to great: Do you think about UI in your board game design?

“I think the tables are easy to read, for the most part,” states D in this review of Cage Match! by Board Crazy Games. “And, the results on these tables make a lot of sense to me as well,” adds Will.  “Because of these charts,” he adds a bit later, “This game could have easily been, …

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Chits and Upgrades: The Game Crafter and Meeple Source review

This post pertains to both upgrading your favorite game components, replacing lost components, and creating your own games.  If you or someone you care about loves the games Agricola, Orléans, Stone Age, Tzolk’in, Colt Express or others, you’re about to find out how to make those games even better! Upgrading your games This might be …

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