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Board Game Roundup: Best Worker Placement Games

Worker placement games are some of the most fun types of games I’ve played, and one good thing about it is that it’s a pretty distinct genre, and pretty much any semi-serious gamer knows the meaning of “worker placement”.  I’ve played a lot of them, but certainly not all.  For me, these rise to the …

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Chits and Upgrades: The Game Crafter and Meeple Source review

This post pertains to both upgrading your favorite game components, replacing lost components, and creating your own games.  If you or someone you care about loves the games Agricola, Orléans, Stone Age, Tzolk’in, Colt Express or others, you’re about to find out how to make those games even better! Upgrading your games This might be …

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What Are the Best 2-Player Board Games?

While a lot of games can be played as 2-player games, there is a small group of games that does 2-player particularly well.  There are a lot of great 2-player games that aren’t getting mentioned because these games are all games where 2-player is either the only option, or the best option.  They’re listed in …

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