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Minor(s): Merry

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This one is straightforward, fun and balanced.


15 HP
Red Deck (10 cards, Melee)

7 HP
Minor Brown Deck (9 cards, Melee)

Éowyn Talent Cards (9)

4x Shield Maiden
A*/D*, *The attack and defense values of this card are equal to the number of cards in your opponent’s hand, not including any attack or defense card just played.

2x Ride With Me
You may move Eowyn up to 3 spaces in a straight line.  Eowyn does 2 damage to all opponent’s characters adjacent to any space in Eowyn’s movement path, including starting and ending spaces.  If Merry is still in play, those characters receive an additional 1 damage.

2x Courage
You may move Éowyn up to 6 spaces. Move Merry to any space adjacent to Éowyn. For each character that moves to a new spot, draw a card.

1x I Am No Man
A5*, *If, after playing this card, you have no cards in your hand, the attack value of this card is 10.

Merry Talent Cards (3)

2x Desperate Strike
A6, After attacking, discard every card in your hand, except one card.

1x Well-Earned Comforts
You may divide the recovery of up to 4 damage between Merry and any adjacent allied hobbit. If no allied hobbits are adjacent to Merry, Merry recovers 3 damage.

20/20 Hindsight:  RIDE WITH ME is too complicated.  Also, this deck is surprisingly strong, but it’s not really overpowered, just maybe a tad better than I wanted it to be.  Mainly, though, I might have put Merry and Pippin with Boromir, and then had Eowyn play minor to Theoden.  This turned out well enough though.  It’s a good deck.

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