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Bilbo Baggins

Minor(s): Kili & Fili

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Unlike his nephew, Frodo, Bilbo’s deck revolves around his using the ring.  This deck was updated in January 2020.

Bilbo Baggins
by Roman F
Updated January 2020

Bilbo Baggins
14 HP
Brown Deck

Kili & Fili
4 HP Each
Strong Ranged Minors

A4. STING does double any damage, up to 6 total.

A2*. The defending character may not defend your next attack this turn. If a card with INVISIBILITY in the title is on top of your discard pile, playing this card does not count as an action.

Move Bilbo up to 5 spaces and Bilbo may move through enemies. If a card with INVISIBILITY in the title is on top of your discard pile, playing this card does not count as an action.

D*. *Bilbo takes no damage from the attack.  After defending move Bilbo up to any vacant space.

D10. Draw a card.

You may search the discard pile for any attack card and put it in your hand.

Notes:  In January 2020 I made 2 changes.

  • Changed INVISIBILITY ATTACK from an A1 to an A3.  The point is that you can chain them together to get something out of them, not that you necessarily have to combine it with STING, though that’s still an option.  This is 6 more points of attack power and potentially no-action attack power, so it’s a lot.  It makes Bilbo considerably stronger on offense to go with his great defense.
  • Reduced Kili & Fili from 5 HP each to 4 HP each and it’s an important change.  In LOTRED for strong minors, only mounted warriors get a 5th HP, otherwise they get 4 HP.  I was thinking that Kili & Fili and Balin & Dwalin from the Thorin deck had enough screen time to warrant 5 HP each, but they’re not personality minors; they don’t have their own cards and have to follow the LOTR rules.  It better balances out the Bilbo and Thorin decks anyways.

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One comment

  1. roman says:

    I’m actually thinking INVISIBILITY ATTACK should be an A3. You could potentially string 3 of them together with a STING to do 12 unblockable damage. But, you need an exact set of 3, which almost never happens. Even doing 9 damage will be almost never, but it would give the “invisibility no action” effect a little more bite. It’s not like Bilbo is really tough though his defense is very good.

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