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Minor(s): Shelob

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Some people really wanted to see Gollum with Smeagol as a dual-personality deck, but I think that sort of unconventional thing is better left to unofficial expansions of this unofficial expansion.  For the base game, I think putting these 2 together was one of my better ideas.


12 HP
Brown Deck (10 cards, melee)

14 HP
Minor Red Deck (9 cards, melee)

Gollum Talent Cards (8)

3x Waylay
Gollum does 2 damage to one character he can attack. Then move Gollum up to 6 spaces. Gollum may move through enemies.

2x Treachery
Choose an opponent. That opponent must choose and discard until he/she has only 5 cards. If Gollum is adjacent to one of that opponent’s characters, he/she must choose and discard until he/she has only 4 cards instead.

2x Deceit
Choose an opponent. You and the chosen opponent draw cards until you both have 8 cards in hand, but no one may draw more than 4 cards.

1x My Preciousss
A7.  Discard your hand.

Shelob Talent Cards (4)
2x Dark Terror
A*/D* Attack and defense values are equal to the number of cards in your hand after playing this card.

1x Stinger
A4. If Shelob does damage with this card, the defending character cannot move and the player controlling the defending character cannot play cards until that player chooses and discards 3 cards.

1x Web
Choose any one character Shelob could attack at a distance. The player controlling this character loses 1 action on his/her next turn and must discard a card at random or 2 cards at random if playing on SHELOB’S LAIR.

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  1. Parker Haskin says:

    I made a Gollum/Smeagol deck that I really liked. It involved a card that allowed you to pick the personality that you wanted. In doing so, you had to discard the specials and power cards of the personality you gave up, but keep all their basics and gain health points. If you didn’t choose then it made it easy to destroy both personalities if you played against it. Gollum was doing more damage and Smeagol was more utility but the increase in damage from Gollum’s basic deck made it worth taking Smeagol and being able to keep Gollum’s power combat cards and specials plus adding Smeagol’s health made taking Gollum worth it as well.

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