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Minor(s): 2 Orc Archers

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Gothmog is more representative of the horde army of Orcs rather than any actual character.  However, in the extended version of ROTK, he does some fighting despite his crippled state, and poses a threat to Eowyn.  That stated, then Aragorn shows up and easily cuts his arm off.


16 HP
Blue Deck (10 cards, melee)

2x Orc Archers
4 HP Each
Weak Ranged Minor Deck (9 cards, ranged)

Gothmog Talent Cards (12)
3x Orc General
A5*, *Add 1 to the attack value of this card for each of Gothmog’s Orc Archers that may also attack the defending character.

3x Form Ranks
Move Gothmog up to 4 spaces. Then you may move each allied Orc minor to any empty space adjacent to either Gothmog or another Orc minor. Each Orc moves only once.

2x Fire At Will
Each of Gothmog’s Orc Archers do 2 damage to all opponent’s characters they can attack.

2x Time of the Orc
Draw 3 cards. If both Orc Archers are still in play, draw an additional card.

2x They Come By River
Return up to 2 of Gothmog’s destroyed Orc Archers back in play at full health to any empty space adjacent to Gothmog.

20/20 hindsight:  I would have reserved Gothmog for the Armies Expansion and gotten Sharku back into the original, not that it really matters at this point.  Both actually fit the Armies theme and Gothmog is probably a bit more of an actual character, but Sharku is more fun.  Nobody really wants to play an Orc Commander, but he is tailored to be a good teammate to the Witch King, so perhaps he belongs in the starter set after all.

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