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Converting LOTRED decks to SWED

I’ve done this twice recently with the Freedon Nadd and Ahsoka, Defender of Corvus decks, so I thought I’d explain briefly.  I make a lot of SWED decks.  I get ideas and sometimes they come together really well and really elegantly.  Sometimes they don’t.  In making decks for LOTRED, it has been no different.  Some …

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The Endless Quest for Epic Duels Figures: The New Era

Where we left off, I needed new figures for characters from the new films and TV series such as The Mandalorian, Tobias Beckett and Enfys Nest.  As covered 2 posts ago, I took a shot with Skullforge and Shapeways, and got these figures in the mail, here next to Obi-Wan for scale. These are great …

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LOTRED Legends nears completion!

(Cover art by Jovan Delic) LOTRED is nearly finished!  I love this set of 6 new LOTR decks featuring some of the most powerful entities in Middle Earth.  Lots of fun stuff going on with each deck and frankly, it’s fun to design powerful decks as opposed to more balanced ones.  When I say “nearly …

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