Lord of the Rings Epic Duels is here!

Our LOTRED set has actually been around since 2009, but we’ve finally made it available here on geektopia both for live and online play!  Check out the entire set of 26 decks and 8 maps.

The original LOTRED project was a collaboration between myself (Roman) and the Epic Duels online community, where we developed 12 original decks featuring the most recognizable characters from the LOTR movie franchise, plus 4 playable maps.  Over time, LOTRED was expanded to include additional characters from the films, additional maps and finally, new characters were added from The Hobbit trilogy.

I’m very happy with the results and get good reports from others who have played with the set.  Leave a comment if you’ve played it, or if you have a LOTRED of your own!


  1. Freaky Mutant Man says:

    You know, I’ve been meaning to ask you about moving LOTRED off of Yahoo Groups; it’s a good set and it was a shame to see it restricted to a service few people use any more. Happy to see it moved somewhere more accessible!

    I’ve also been thinking of making a Sauron deck, simply because people keep asking me why Sauron isn’t in the set when they look at it. I started thinking of a solid idea for it back in August, I just need to sit down and knock it out.

    • Freaky Mutant Man says:

      (To be clear, I’m not suggesting that you add my Sauron deck to the set; it’s more for my own purposes than anything else, though I do want to make it fit in the set power-wise while not making it impossible to beat. It’s also gonna be pretty gimmicky, probably not something you’d want to break out every single game.)

      • roman says:

        Yeah, go for it! Robert made a couple of extra decks on his own as well. It’s supposed to work like SWED — there’s a base set to play with, and anyone/everyone can make his/her own decks to add to it.

        If we had a Sauron and a Balrog, we could dig up Robert’s Ents deck. Then we’d just need to add one more for a “Giants” expansion. I can’t think of another oversized character I’d want to include though.

      • roman says:

        Btw, I agree with a gimmicky, VERY powerful deck that wouldn’t be played often.

        I’d also consider creating an Isildur & Elendil deck. Design the 2 decks at the same time, kind of the way original Luke and Vader were designed to fight each other. It would need to be very strong in general, but also with the specific Elendil-dies-powering-up-Isildur mechanic that would allow it to defeat Sauron.

  2. Separatist18 says:

    You know, now that a Giants set is being proposed, I feel sort of bad for proposing Smaug for the Hobbit expansion. Smaug would really make more sense as a giant character. I just thought it would’ve been a shame that he wouldn’t be included.

    Though, you might want another light sided character to go 2 light and two dark, and for that I don’t know who could be included.

    • roman says:

      Nothing to feel bad about! I put the question to the Yahoo group and they wanted Smaug. Plus, his inclusion allowed the inclusion of Tauriel, who was worth including, at least from a movie perspective. Besides, who knows if a Giants set will ever come to fruition? If not, at least we have a Smaug.

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