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Converting LOTRED decks to SWED

I’ve done this twice recently with the Freedon Nadd and Ahsoka, Defender of Corvus decks, so I thought I’d explain briefly.  I make a lot of SWED decks.  I get ideas and sometimes they come together really well and really elegantly.  Sometimes they don’t.  In making decks for LOTRED, it has been no different.  Some …

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The Endless Quest for Epic Duels Figures: The New Era

Where we left off, I needed new figures for characters from the new films and TV series such as The Mandalorian, Tobias Beckett and Enfys Nest.  As covered 2 posts ago, I took a shot with Skullforge and Shapeways, and got these figures in the mail, here next to Obi-Wan for scale. These are great …

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Best Wargaming on the Planet: Adepticon Mini-Review

When I write “mini-review,” do I mean small or do I mean miniatures?  The answer is yes. Sign up for our newsletter! I had never been to Adepticon before, but as a gamers in the Chicago area it was past time for Deri and me to go.  Adepticon bills itself as “THE WORLD’S PREMIERE WARGAMING …

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