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Minor(s): Arwen

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The brave hero of Lord of the Rings.  Purists like Ian and Erik don’t like seeing Arwen out there fighting, but this LOTRED set is intended to be the movie version, so she has to be here.

Sultan and Scott Hagarty did the heavy lifting on this design.


17 HP
Blue Deck (10 cards, melee)

10 HP
Minor Brown Deck (9 cards, melee)

Aragorn Talent Cards (8)

3x Anduril
A6*, *If SHARDS OF NARSIL REFORGED has been played this game, the attack value of this card is 9.

1x There is Always Hope
D10, Search your draw pile for any card. Set that card aside and shuffle the remaining cards in your draw pile. After shuffling, place the chosen card on top of your draw pile.

3x Return of the King
Move all allies in play up to 4 spaces each. Draw a card.

1x Army of the Dead
Choose an opponent. All of that opponent’s characters receive 4 damage.

Arwen Talent Cards (4)

2x Strength of My People
A5, Draw a card.

1x Athelas
Choose one allied character adjacent to Arwen. That character recovers up to 3 damage. If no allied characters are adjacent to Arwen, Arwen recovers up to 3 damage.

1x Shards of Narsil, Reforged
Draw until you have 5 cards in your hand.

Notes:  He’s probably too strong.  Maybe ANDURIL should be A5/A8 or A5/A9 or A6/A8, but A6/A9 with really good defense, plus a strong minor that you want to kill off quickly, plus an appropriately powerful ARMY OF THE DEAD card and… well, he’s probably too strong.  He’s fun, though, and you don’t need to use a lot of strategic thinking to play him well.

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