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Eye of Sauron

Minor(s): Mouth of Sauron

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I wasn’t sure about doing this deck at first, but it actually turned out really well.  I was inspired by this Eye in the Tower figure that I have from my old 2000 LOTR game and it works perfectly on the Epic Duels board.  The Mouth of Sauron is Sauron’s servant and emissary and appears in the extended version of Return of the King.  I need to find a figure for him.

Eye of Sauron
20 HP
Green Deck

Mouth of Sauron
8 HP
Minor Brown

Eye of Sauron – 8 cards

4x Corruption
Choose a character. That character takes 3 damage, or the player controlling that character discards 3 cards, or any combination up to 3, plus one for each CORRUPTION in your discard pile.

2x Volcanic Eruption
Move all characters adjacent to Eye of Sauron up to 5 spaces each.  Draw a card.

2x Servants of Sauron
A6.  Play face up when attacking.  You may attack any character on the board.

Mouth of Sauron – 4 cards

2x Bid Thee Welcome
A4*.  If this is your first action this turn, attack value is 8.

2x Taunt
A8*.  *The value of any defense card is doubled.

CORRUPTION really powers up the Mouth of Sauron.  You have to kill the Mouth quickly just to have a chance, so I made him intentionally kind of fragile.  It’s not like he shows us anything in ROTK.  The Eye is still a potentially tough customer though.

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  1. JAG18 says:

    I’ll start by saying that I don’t personally have a problem with the idea of this deck; I used to love playing an old game called “The Third Age” where the final boss battle is against the Eye of Sauron and all your characters run up and hit The Eye with their swords. It was crazy stupid fun.

    Anyway, my problem with this deck is the lack of any overall theme. I’d like to see more cards like ONLY DEATH and give Sauron more cards that limit what opponents can do and let that be his theme.

    The Mouth of Sauron looks good though; I just wish you could make a reference to “BfME 2” where the Mouth could remove his helmet and shoot a red beam of death as if The Eye was behind the helmet.

    • roman says:

      Sure, this is just to get it started. I’ve been thinking along the same lines, e.g. coming up with a bread-and-butter CORRUPTION card that either denies cards, or punishes you for stockpiling. Thing is, I think I want to keep his A6-attack-from-anywhere instead of implementing a direct damage card, because the latter would be especially difficult for Frodo to deal with, and Frodo & Sam should be a more feared opponent for this deck than other decks.

      I think the Mouth will be the key to his damage output, so I’m considering a card that lets him bring the Mouth back from the dead. Otherwise, it’s too easy to defeat this deck by just focusing on the Mouth.

  2. roman says:

    The problem with CORRUPTION is that the deeper you get into the game, the more likely your opponent’s minors are destroyed and the more likely they have cards to burn in order to avoid the damage. At least the “increasing” version of it alleviates that problem a bit, but he probably doesn’t have enough killing power on his own.

    VOLCANIC ERUPTION is his movement card, so I’d be loathe to lose that one, but it could be 2-3 direct damage instead of 2 cards. Still maybe NO LIFE IN THE VOID needs to be an “attack from anywhere” card just to give him enough punch.

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