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Minor(s): Grima Wormtongue

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This deck turned out really well, especially once we added THE WAY OF PAIN.


15 HP
Green Deck (10 cards, melee)

10 HP
Minor Brown Deck (9 cards, melee)

Saruman Talent Cards (9)

3x Saruman’s Voice
Choose any opponent. Move each of that opponent’s characters up to 4 spaces.  Draw a card.

2x Staff of Power
Move any character adjacent to Saruman to any empty space. That character receives 3 damage.

2x Fireball
FIREBALL does 3 damage to any one character Saruman can attack at range. All characters adjacent to that character also receive 3 damage, and the players controlling affected characters must choose and discard a card.

1x Way of Pain
Choose an opposing character adjacent to Saruman. Player controlling that character reveals his hand and discards all defense cards greater than 1 for the chosen character.

1x Palantír
Look at the top 5 cards of your draw pile.  Put 2 in your hand and put the other 3 cards back on top of your draw pile in any order.

Grima Talent Cards (3)

2x Leechcraft
Choose an opponent with a character adjacent to Grima. That opponent chooses
and discards 3 cards.

1x Betrayal
A7*: *If you do not destroy the defending character with this card, Saruman receives 4 damage.

Notes:  While this deck is sufficiently strong, in a general LOTR theme, I’m not sure it can quite keep up with the Tier 1 good guys it’s supposed to keep up with, namely Gandalf and Aragorn.  But, there’s no question he’s a tough deck.  If Grima can drain you with his LEECHCRAFT, it’s pretty hard to beat them.

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