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Fearsome Wilderness Kickstarter is Live!

Hi everyone, it’s been a long journey but we’ve launched our first Kickstarter in Fearsome Wilderness, a tabletop gaming experience crafted for gamers, hobbyists, and horror fans alike.  Back it now! Fend off the unnatural Fearsome Critters of folklore. Endure grueling days and tormented nights in the forest. Time is short. Can you survive with …

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The Game is Afoot – Unmatched Cobble & Fog Early Impressions

Unmatched: Cobble & Fog is the latest to come from Restoration Games Unmatched series and if you are interested in this game, it’s a very exciting expansion.  This is probably their best overall set so far, in my opinion, though I’ll have to play through a bunch of matches to solidify that opinion. We get …

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The Endless Quest for Epic Duels Figures: The New Era

Where we left off, I needed new figures for characters from the new films and TV series such as The Mandalorian, Tobias Beckett and Enfys Nest.  As covered 2 posts ago, I took a shot with Skullforge and Shapeways, and got these figures in the mail, here next to Obi-Wan for scale. These are great …

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The endless search for perfect Epic Duels figures

I’ve always considered having quality figures to be a huge part of the appeal of Epic Duels. I’ve told bits and pieces of this story before but back in 2003 or so, I was buying extra sets of Epic Duels and modding figures, sometimes even using clay to mold capes and that sort of thing.  …

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Space Truckin’ Through the Stars: Galaxy Trucker Review

It’s a strange time to be posting much of anything, but it’s been a while and I’ve played some great games in 2020, even if they were from years past. Sign up for updates! I’ve been meaning to write a review ever since playing the highly esteemed Galaxy Trucker a little while ago.  I instantly …

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LOTRED Legends nears completion!

(Cover art by Jovan Delic) LOTRED is nearly finished!  I love this set of 6 new LOTR decks featuring some of the most powerful entities in Middle Earth.  Lots of fun stuff going on with each deck and frankly, it’s fun to design powerful decks as opposed to more balanced ones.  When I say “nearly …

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