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And All the Games: Gen Con 2022 Review

I consider myself extremely fortunate to have found my Happy Place, and it is Gen Con, each and every year.  As the years have gone by and playing games in person has gotten more difficult, especially in the post-COVID era, the time playing live games with friends is ever more valuable. Nothing stays the same, …

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Return to the Past: Gen Con 2021 Review

Friends, we had Gen Con.  It was different than past Gen Cons, but it was Gen Con and after a crushing year off, it was back this year, baby!  Those of us who attend are extremely lucky to get to experience such joy for 4-5 days every year, I hope each reader has found their …

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The Games of Gen Con 2019

So for all of the things I love about Gen Con, after the general camaraderie and spirit of it, what I love most is just playing games, games, games.  I played so many that it went by in a blur, and if I did’t take a picture then I pretty much forget about it, so …

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