Coming Soon to Kickstarter! The Fearsome Wilderness RPG!

Fearsome Wilderness the board game is at the end of it’s first print run and if you still want a coy, there are less than 20 remaining on Amazon so better grab one now.

Off the success of Fearsome Wilderness the board game now comes Fearsome Wilderness the RPG, coming soon to Kickstarter!  Enter the strange wilderness.  As you struggle for survival, battle the wilderness and fight off the critters of American folklore, you can’t help the feeling that you’re being watched.  Please click on the link below and then click the “Notify Me on Launch” button!

Fearsome Wilderness: The Roleplaying Game on Kickstarter

For as much as we love the board game, there was just so much more we could with an RPG and so much deeper we could go with the content.  We at Geektopia Games have always been big RPG fans, playing our D&D 5e campaign on Friday nights as well as delving into Mutant: Year Zero, Vaesen, Mörk Borg, and other RPGs.  I’ve mentioned on this blog more than once that I created and self-published a RPG back when I was in my teens, so it’s a long interest of mine, and this particular RPG lives up to my high standards and expectations.  I think the book is a really good read, let alone a great game.  We are looking to do a print run, are crowd funding the support for it and future projects, and there are very economical ways to back the game and explore the wilderness, more to come!

Once again, please visit our Kickstarter page here, and then click the “Notify Me on Launch” button!


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