Announcing Forbidden Wilderness the Skirmish Game!

What’s that noise?

From the tales of old, and beasts of a time forgotten, comes forth a collaboration of the deadliest kind: KRD Designs, the mind behind Forbidden Psalmis teaming up with us, Geektopia Games, creators of the Fearsome Wilderness board game, to bring you new horrors for Forbidden Psalm! Featuring creatures based on the Fearsome Wilderness miniatures range and board gameForbidden Wilderness features classic cryptids from American folklore, stated up and ready to roll!

For those who don’t know (as I didn’t until recently) Forbidden Psalm is a tabletop skirmish game set in the world of the Mork Bork role playing game. Playable solo, co-operatively or competitively, players start by creating their warband of five adventurers, using random tables to add in flaws and features. Weapons and armor are available for purchase.  Forbidden Wilderness requires a copy of the Forbidden Psalm Core Book to play.

KRD has also included Going On A Hunt, a Scenario that sends your warband on a hunt for these dreaded beasts. Don’t go unarmed, though! Be sure to take the Lever Action Rifle, a brand new item!  It also includes all of our fearsome critters such as:

  • the Dingmaul
  • the Dungavenhooter
  • the Jackalope
  • the Jersey Devil
  • the Wampus Cat
  • and 19 more!

What’s next?

We’ve been hard at work on the Fearsome Wilderness RPG, stay tuned for news on its upcoming Backer Kit campaign!  Battle the fearsome critters in an open ended role playing adventure utilizing the Year Zero engine.

As for the Fearsome Wilderness board game, there are still some on Amazon or at your FLGS, but we are running to the end of our first print run and are considering another.  If you’re playing, let us know what your experiences are!

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