New Unmatched and Epic Duels content from Achilles to Fennec Shand

First off, if you haven’t picked up Fearsome Wilderness yet, it’s getting excellent reviews and is still available at Amazon or perhaps your local FLGS.  Supplies are limited and going quickly — I sound like a TV commercial but it’s not an exaggeration.  We’re also following up with Fearsome Wilderness the Role Playing Game, coming soon to Kickstarter!

Despite working on all that, I still need to get out a complete review of Lost Ruins of Arnak, currently my favorite competitive board game going, but in the mean time, I’ve picked up Unmatched Battle of Legends Volume 2 and information posted on all 4 new decks at our Unmatched page.  Check it out and let us know what you think of the new decks by Restoration Games!  All 4 decks have a new-ish mechanic of having 2 separate attacks embedded in one card, similar to what we do with cards by Elrond, Sifo Dyas and the Jedi Exile.  It’s tough to defend 2 attacks, and even tougher when they’re getting powered up by abilities the way Achilles and the Exile can do.

In my household, we’re also viewing and enjoying the TV series, the Book of Boba Fett, especially Episode 5.  Although she barely appears in that episode, the overall series has necessitated a new Epic Duels deck in Fennec Shand, designed to play alongside Boba.  There’s even an (humorous) Easter Egg in the THROWING BLADE card that calls back to the original Boba deck.  Does she have enough synergy with Boba and enough moves?  Let us know!

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