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The Jedi Exile

Minor(s): Atton Rand & Bao-Dur

This deck was created by request when umondy was looking for a fresh take on the Jedi Exile, and I had just finished up playing KOTOR2 with the restored content (if you haven’t played it with restored content, you haven’t played KOTOR2).

What does this deck do:  Battles with 4 lightsaber forms, powers up the minors, and explodes for damage with the right draw and “Ferocity”.

The Jedi Exile
by Roman F

Jedi Exile
18 HP
Green Deck

Atton Rand & Bao-Dur
5 HP Each
Strong Ranged Minor Deck

Jedi Exile – 8 Talent Cards

A3*.  *After attacking, attack the same character again with an attack value of 3.

A5.  Until your next turn, add 2 to the value of any attack against adjacent characters, or to defense.

For the rest of this turn, Exile basic combat cards do not count as an action. Draw a card.

Choose an opponent. You and your opponent reveal your hands and discard all Power Combat cards. Then, reshuffle all CONTENTION cards into the draw pile.

Atton – 1 Talent Card

A2*.  After attacking, Atton attacks the same character again two more times, each with an attack value of 2.

Bao-Dur – 1 Talent Card

Choose an opponent adjacent to Bao-Dur. That opponent reveals his hand and discards his highest defense card for that character.

Atton or Bao-Dur – 2 Talent Cards

A6.  Must be played against an adjacent opponent.

Vassal X-Y: 900, 2150, in General Hux’s old spot, part of the late 2022 X-Y shakeup.





  1. umondy says:

    Uhhh…you did it: a fresh version of The Exile! That in itself is awesoem!
    A few questions remain though:
    FORCE INFLUENCE: I BELIEVE I know what the purpose is but I don’t 100% understand the card. What is meant by “the chosen minor may use the discard pile as his own” does it say the minor can use the effects of the top discard pile for his cards? Any other effect becides that coming with it?
    MODERATION FORM: The effect can only be used against one attack, as after the defense there is a new card on top of the pile because it isn’t your turn anymore, correct? Wouldn’t it be better to lengthen that effect like you did with RESILIENCE FORM? So it would last more than one attack.
    I really like the way you used FORCE INFLUENCE to make use of her ability to have a high (poitive) influence on her followers but are you sure this one card is enough to justify two generic-personality minors that can’t do anything besided that? Maybe 1 or 2 less forms and something for those minors would give them more reason to be?
    When you play DOUBLE BLADED MASTERY what about any “form” effects are they also active for the second attack that the card grants? For example if you played CONTENTION FORM before, is she than attacking A5 twice or A5 and the second attack stays an A3?

    Thanks again for taking the time to create a new Exile deck 🙂

  2. umondy says:

    Absolutely agree on FEROCITY FORM. That is a really cool card. Would love to see it in that deck as well.

    I feel that MODERATION FORM and LIGHSTABER FORM MASTERY have pretty similar effects. Maybe leaving one of them out or kinda combining the effect would give us room to integrate FF somehow.

    I love all the Minion cards you put in as they are pretty fitting but agree on your assesment that they maybe still under represented for their depth.

    FORCE WOUND is another card I feel works great for Meetra.

    I feel like Dbl BLADED MASTERY would work as a an 3xA3 and 2x A4/D4 MODERATION with the effect lasting until your next turn would be a good base for her and like I said would probably make LIGHTSABER FORM MASTERY obsolete.
    This would create space for 1x FF and 2 more cards for the minions as they still could use some punch. Either something to attack or maybe some variation of AGGRESSION STRIKE to reflect her leadership and role as General during the Mandalorian wars.
    Maybe something like:
    Move each minion up to 3 spaces. Then each minion attacks a character they can attack with an attack value of 5. This attack cannot be increased by cards in the discard pile. Then you may put this card on the bottom of your discard pile.

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