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Fennec Shand

Minor(s): Gamorreans

Thanks to fanboyca for the art!

Fennec Shand

Fennec Shand
15 HP
Yellow Deck

2x Gamorreans
4 HP Each
Minor Brown Deck

Fennec – 12 Talent cards

A4.  If the defending character takes damage or is adjacent to Fennec, the player controlling the defending character loses an action on their next turn.

A5*.  If the player controlling the target character has fewer than 2 actions on their next turn, add 3 to the attack value.

A8*.  *Subtract 1 for each space between Fennec and the defending character.

KNIFE THROW does 2 damage to any one character Fennc can attack.  Then move both Gamorreans up to 4 spaces.  Then move Fennec up to 4 spaces.

Move Fennec adjacent to any character.  Playing this card does not count as an action.

D4.  If Fennec would take any damage from the attack, you may apply the damage to a Gamorrean instead, as long as it does not exceed the damage remaining for the Gamorrean.


  • Why not Boba & Fennec?  I will probably do this for Unmatched, and I won’t rule out putting together that kind of deck for Epic Duels at some point, but as of right now, there are a few reasons I won’t: A) As far as Boba goes, this isn’t that long after ROTJ and he’s not really a different character in terms of combat.  He’s got the same arsenal and same moves.  If anything, giving him a “Boba Tusken Raider” deck with a Gaffi stick and Tuskens would make more sense but otherwise, I don’t know what would be different about him from him current deck, at least as seen so far,  B) How different would Boba & Fennec be from Jango & Zam?  You could almost give Fennec the exact same card set as Zam’s, same names and everything, and it would work for her.  C) Fennec deserves her own deck.  Why not?  This is the best way to differentiate her from Zam.
  • So the main goal of this Fennec deck is to pair well with Boba, hence the theme around action loss.
  • Losing an action used to be “his/her” but I am going with “their” from now on.  While I think my old English teacher, Mrs. Brons (RIP), who drilled “his/her” into me would be initially horrified, I also think she’d agree with being more inclusive.
  • I think the character has only one throwing blade, but this is a key movement card so she has 2.
  • The second theme so far is “more dangerous up close”.  I was initially trying to make Fennec more of a minor slayer, a direction I prefer, but:
    • She needs to be able to take down major characters, and with opponents knowing how MASTER ASSASSIN sets up SNIPER RIFLE, they will always use their big defense on the first attack and she won’t have anything to hurt a major unless there’s something she can still do.  So by adding the “more powerful if adjacent/up close” ability to 4 cards, we can give her a pair of potential A8s plus let her use MASTER ASSASSIN to set up SNIPER RIFLE even if no damage gets through.  That gives her a chance to be really dangerous, which all bounty hunter types need to be able to do due to their fragility, and she’s especially dangerous with that movement card.  Still, she’s in the glass cannon category with a Yellow deck and only the one Power D, and won’t last long going toe to toe with any Jedi.
    • Thematically, even though her sniper rifle is a long ranged weapon, Fennec seems to be a highly advanced melee fighter and engages a lot of her enemies up close.  Even regarding her sniper rifle, Mando remarked that it wasn’t able to penetrate his Beskar Armor “at this distance”.  So while I don’t love the theme, it does kind of fit her at least.

Vassal X-Y:  1500, 2650, towards the end of the second Disney row.

Figures:  Took a spare Zam from the original game and just did some light painting and modding.  Some black and orange is all you need, though I also gave her a sliver of skin tone for the face.  Then I cut off the end of the rifle barrel and glued it back on to form a scope and for an added touch, used a bit of thread to make a strap.  As for her minors, I probably have an additional pair of Gamorreans somewhere, but I’ll probably just use the one pair already in my box (for Jabba).




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