The endless search for perfect Epic Duels figures

I’ve always considered having quality figures to be a huge part of the appeal of Epic Duels.

I’ve told bits and pieces of this story before but back in 2003 or so, I was buying extra sets of Epic Duels and modding figures, sometimes even using clay to mold capes and that sort of thing.  I would hunt on eBay for figures to scale, occasionally scoring some from an old Kenner Star Wars set or something along those lines.

Then Star Wars Miniatures came along, and it seemed that we were all set.  We had great figures for every major character and even many we had never heard of.  There are decks like Aurra Sing that I made because I found her figurine so inspiring.

Well, Star Wars Minis has died out while Epic Duels marches on.  There is the new trilogy, Solo, Rogue One, the Mandalorian, The Clone Wars and more.  What’s a dueler to do?  I bought a Star Wars Monopoly game for Kylo Ren and Finn.  I found some Japanese toys, that I can no longer find anywhere, for BB-8 and Poe.  I use proxy Star Wars Minis for Rey (you can for Poe too) plus the Rogue One gang.  Then, with my decks for Beckett and Enfys Nest, I started running out of ideas for figures.  And, now, the Mandalorian.  I can mod a Boba Fett easily enough but a Moff Gideon mod would not be easy and Yoda isn’t Baby Yoda.

So with umondy’s help I found Skull Forge Studios.  I thought it would be 3D print files for figures, but it’s the actual prints.  They came in the mail today and it’s like freaking Christmas around here.  Let’s see how they measure up to Boba Fett from Epic Duels.

Mando looks pretty good right?  Maybe a little big?  Baby Yoda is awfully tiny!

And, they need bases.  Good thing I have plenty of extra Star Wars minis around, plus an exacto knife and Gorilla glue.  Now that they’re on bases, let’s see how the measure up to Obi-Wan from Star Wars Minis.

Pretty much perfect scale, wouldn’t you say?  Let’s see the whole set!

Left to Right: “Outlaw Mentor”, “Sky Raider Leader”, Obi-Wan, “Soup Baby Objective”, “The Huntsman”, “Authority Viscount (with sword)”

They’re bad ass.  Let’s have a closer look.

I think these could work for the decks for Beckett & Val (along with the Czerka Scientist), Enfys Nest, Moff Gideon and The Mandalorian & Child.  The only downside is that they are fragile.  Moff Gideon’s dark saber broke off pretty much right away.  I got a quick coat of primer on them.  They still look great with Obi:

And are basically ready right away to battle in Unmatched!

I’ll be painting the whole set, obviously, and will post updates as I do.

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