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Tobias Beckett

Minor(s): Val

Would be considered “fringe” in Star Wars Miniatures as he’s not really good or evil.

What does this deck do:  Blasts you with a variety of shots while looking for direct damage to swing the game.

Tobias Beckett & Val
by Roman F

Tobias Beckett
14 HP
Yellow+ Deck

10 HP
Strong ranged deck

12 Talent Cards

Beckett – 9 cards

A4*.  *If the target character takes damage from this attack, HEAVY SHOT does 2 additional damage.

A3.  Playing this card does not count as an action.

A3*.  *Any defense card is discarded, effects are ignored and defender takes full damage.

If Val is alive, move Beckett and Val up to 4 spaces each, and draw 2 cards. If Val has been defeated, choose a target and roll the die. Do that amount of damage to target on green, or all other characters on purple.

Val – 3 cards

A5.  Draw a card.

Val does 4 damage to all adjacent major characters and 7 damage to all adjacent minor characters.  Val is destroyed.

Inspiration:  Beckett is an interesting character and also a very skilled shooter with a quick draw and some gun tricks.  Between TRICK SHOT and SURVIVOR, I’m trying to capture his sneaky, out-for-himself personality.  There’s little evidence in the movie that Beckett really reacts to Val’s death, but it’s a fun mechanic for a deck.  Maybe I could build out that feeling a little further by dropping Val and just giving him 2 generic “crew” which are essentially Val and Rio, and freeing up 3 more card slots for him.  In this version, I like the way Val forces you to attack her, giving Beckett some defense of sorts, and time to build up an arsenal.  His shots are nasty, but a Yellow Deck with no power defense is never going to be that good.  Her card looks overpowered but I honestly doubt it will ever go off for much — but I admit it will be a NPE when it does.  Let’s get feedback on this version.

Vassal X-Y:  300, 2650, in a spot that the Jedi Exile held for a while, part of the late 2022 X-Y shakeup.





  1. JAG18 says:

    Maybe this is the perfect opportunity to bring the Demolishor deck from the Transformers game into SW Epic Duels?

    • roman says:

      I’ve been thinking this over. Beckett isn’t really a “loose cannon” — he’s calculated in what he does. At the same time, the deck could fit him in that he’s only in it for himself. It’s definitely a fun concept to install but it might a forced fit here.

        • roman says:

          Actually yeah, I think this is a good idea after all. I’m not all that interested in playing this deck without a little more “do-something”. Beckett is a gambler, so his using a dice roll makes sense, and you kind of never know what he’s going to do next.

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