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Aurra Sing

Minor(s): 2 Rodian Mercenaries

We’ve had this deck a long time, but we don’t play it very often.  A solid deck, just nothing spectacular about it and not our favorite character.  Nonetheless, I gave her a quick update in 2016.

What does this deck do:  Shoots through characters and gets deadlier when up close, some hit and run, punishes power defense.

Aurra Sing
by Roman F

Aurra Sing
16 HP
22 cards
Orange Deck

2 Rodian Mercenaries
4 HP
9 cards
Weak Ranged Minor Deck

Aurra Sing – 12 Talent Cards

A4.  If target is not adjacent, Aurra may move up to 6 spaces.

A6.  You may play face up when attacking to ignore other characters when choosing a target.

A3*. After attacking, immediately attack the defending character again with a value of 3. This extra attack does not count as an action and may be defended.

A3.  If a power defense is played, it is discarded, all effects are ignored, and target takes full damage.

A5, all adjacent enemies take 2 damage.

A5*. *If the defending character is adjacent to Aurra, attack value is 9.

Theme: Dangerous ranged Jedi hunter with a melee game
Path to Victory: BANE OF THE JEDI or SWOOP SHOT followed by VENGEANCE
Strengths: Can shoot you anywhere, hit-and-run, strips power defense
Weaknesses: Mediocre attack power, less effective against those without power defense
Strategy: Shoot your opponent until he approaches you, finish him when he closes in
Test Level: Low
Tier: 3

Inspiration: She’s just such a cool Star War Minis figure and combines several great concepts: A Jedi hunter who is dangerous both with the rifle and with the lightsaber.  It seems like there must be a deck for her that combines these elements.

Playing Aurra: Aurra typically has to use her entire bag of tricks to have a good game but she is very effective against anyone with power defense, especially pairs of Jedi. Without them, she has a weapons master thing going, with a variety of weapons she can use against different opponents, but needs the right draw at the right time.  You want to keep a distance and use SWOOP SHOT and TWIN PISTOLS to wear down your opponents, then use PROJECTILE RIFLE after they’ve tried to run away from you.  BANE OF THE JEDI annoys players of fan-made decks since they tend to be loaded with power defense, but that’s what this deck is, a power defense-breaker.

Playing against Aurra: Be wary if moving adjacent to her with a melee figure, especially pairs of Jedi, where cards like DARK RAGE and BANE OF THE JEDI are best. Remember that you’re not safe from PROJECTILE RIFLE when hiding behind allies. Aurra has a lot of great weapons she’ll use on you if you let her live long enough, so don’t.  Her minors make good early targets and she’ll fall soon after unless she gets her power defense, a chance you’ll probably want to take.





  1. Surender says:

    if you look at the weapons brkaedown in the instructions that came with the game, only certain weapons can render a one-shot head shot. The ones that can are a.m. rated (anti-material, like brains). Only the Magnum, DMR, Sniper rifle, and the Needler rifle. The Assault rifle, while a formidable weapon, must score multiple hits, either in the body or face, to kill. happy hunting

  2. Jojo says:

    I had a thought about paring aurra sing with a young boba based off of their temporary alliance in the clone wars animated show. Also a mother talzain savage opress deck could be interesting

    • roman says:

      Aurra would be a better minor for Boba than Greedo. There is a Cad Bane & Aurra deck out there at the wiki as well.

      • Freaky Mutant Man says:

        Going by New Canon material (mostly The Clone Wars, don’t think much else has covered this yet), I think the most fitting minor for Boba would be Bossk. Aurra could work, but Bossk seemed to be looking after and working with Boba long after Aurra left the picture. Cad Bane *could* also work as Boba’s minor from a character relationship viewpoint (there was going to be an arc where Cad mentored Boba), but that would be more of a disservice to Cad than anything; dude belongs as the lead of his own deck.

        (The relationships between the bounty hunters are quite a change from Legends/EU continuity, where most of them didn’t really seem to get along with each other much. Now Bossk and Dengar are old family friends of Jango and they all seem to get along pretty well. to the point where Bossk is actually protective of Boba. I kinda like it, hoping it gets explored a bit more somewhere along the line.)

        • roman says:

          Interesting. I’m not familiar with the new canon material but even by your description. Dengar remains a suitable minor for Boba. At this point, we’re not going to change our deck pairings, obviously.

          • Freaky Mutant Man says:

            I figured, it was just something I thought of after my recent binge watch of TCW and I saw an opportunity to talk about it a bit. I might take a crack at a Boba tweak that gives him Bossk as a minor, but I have other deck ideas I’m more interested in doing first, not to mention tweaking decks I’ve already made.

    • Freaky Mutant Man says:

      I believe it means that you can attack through anyone that might be between Aurra and her target. So if you want to have Aurra shoot Greedo, but Obi-Wan and Boba Fett are standing in the way, you can use PROJECTILE RIFLE to ignore Obi-Wan and Boba and attack Greedo anyway.

      • roman says:

        FMM’s interpretation is correct. You can shoot through people, like the “accurate shot” ability in Star Wars Minis.

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