Geektopia Epic Duels Vassal and other Updates

Hello and Happy New Year!  We’re looking forward to 2023, with an upcoming announcement on an original game project!  In the meantime, the Epic Duels Discord generates a lot of activity so I’ve been making new decks and other updates:

  • If you haven’t seen, we have a draft of a Luthen Rael deck from the Andor series, which I recommend to all Star Wars fans.
  • The Discord group is talking about a comedy set for Star Wars Epic Duels and there are some terrific entries already.  It’s debatable if this C-3P0 Golden God deck is one of the better ones in this developing set, but there’s my contribution along with Greedo and Ozzel & Piett.

  • I found some better imagery for Sifo Dyas, so if you haven’t seen that deck or were scared off by the last set of images, give it a look.
  • I think a few people still play on Vassal, as I get questions about it sometimes.  I mainly just use it for testing, but adding those above decks prompted a need for some reorganization of the Geektopia Vassal deck extensions as well as a shakeup to the X-Y coordinates to everything after the first 3 rows.  I’ve updated the entire Vassal page with all decks, plus all the related individual deck pages.  If you have the old extension files, you can’t just add a new deck like C-3P0 Golden God without it being in the same slot as an old deck.  Basically, the extension window and the related extension files are better organized now, and there’s room to add more decks with minimal disruptions to any of this going forward, but if you’ve been using Geektopia Vassal extensions up to now, you’ll have to delete them and start over (which only takes a few minutes).

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