Unmatched Legends Volume 2 Early Review

I got to play the new Unmatched Legends Volume 2, by Restoration Games, at Gen Con, and would have bought it on the spot, without question, because it’s awesome.  I didn’t because you know, international shipping crisis and all.  I guess it’s good to know that we’re not the only ones.

But if you’re waiting to hear on this one before buying, wait no more.  Just buy it whenever it finally becomes available.  In many ways, I think it’s superior to Legends Volume 1, and therefore it just might be the best Unmatched set so far.

I can’t do a deeper dive because I only got a quick 2 games in, playing the same deck (Yennenga) both times, but got enough early impressions.

Achilles, the great Greek warrior, is sort of a Luke & Leia deck, with his special ability to power up when Patroclus gets killed.  His +2 to attack and defense is huge, and his cards are pretty good to begin with.  Patroclus is a bit like Leia — he’s annoying enough on his own that as his opponent, you don’t want to let him live too long, but then risk Achilles’ full wrath.  I thought the deck was well balanced in that, if you can kill Patroclus really early, Achilles loses enough to offset his special ability.  If you kill Patroclus after he’s done his tricks, you’re really just setting yourself up for doom.  I’d guess that like Leia, you want to kill him quickly, or not at all.  “Power up with minor’s death” isn’t my favorite mechanic, but it belongs in an Unmatched deck somewhere, and Achilles works.  I love his figure too.

Bloody Mary, of children’s horror stories, is great.  I like any deck that encourages a low card count, and hers does.  If you can pull off the right combination, you can deliver an A8.  If you get it just right, the A8 would come after two other attacks, and few characters would be able to survive it.  She absolutely crushed Achilles and Yennenga the one game, dealing massive damage.  She’s also got a really unique and interesting figure, showing her bursting through a mirror (closest in the picture of the game above).

I thought Sun Wukong was the most interesting of the decks and arguably the most fun.  He’s a trickster, and even if he doesn’t deliver the biggest blows, he has cards like TRICKED YOU to thwart even the strongest defense cards.  The most interesting thing about him is his sidekick, or minor:  His ability lets him take a damage to spawn off a clone of himself that can use all of his cards.  He’s not overwhelming, just annoying, atypical, and of course, tricky.  Even his figure shows him in an atypical pose.

Yennenga is the one I liked the least, but I hear she did the best in 1v1, and I think I can see that.  She certainly has a pretty interesting mix of cards, including the one above.  Did they take this idea from my Eomer or Enfys Nest decks?  Well, Rob and Justin and friends, if you’re reading this, there’s no sense reinventing the wheel.  We’ve covered much of the ground already, browse away and serve up the best of it.  Notice that card can be played as defense, and she’s actually pretty defensive overall, with a light but rapid attacking game.  She has no-action attacks like Maul, but without the big finisher or at least, none that came my way in 2 plays.  I can see how defense with no-action attacks would be tough to match up with in a 1v1 game, but her lack of a finishing blow makes her less valuable in 2v2, where you’re always trying to eliminate 1 of 2 opponents.

The map

I only played on one side, but there’s the added element of elevation.  Much like Obi-Wan on Mustafar, you can take the high ground for an advantage, but like Anakin, will find yourself at a disadvantage when attacking uphill.  Part of what I like about Unmatched and Epic Duels is the simplicity, so I’m not sure this element was necessary, but at the same time, it adds more strategy that an experienced player like myself can sink his teeth into.  I’m in favor of innovation instead of just keeping everything the same.

One more deck

At least they had this one in stock!  And I’m just thrilled for Restoration Games, and its fans like myself, to see them getting access to licensed content.

So this deck is funny.  I think this is Rob Daviau’s work, because actually aspired to write comedy at an early point in his life, so  my guess is that he was able to delve into that side of himself for this deck.

I haven’t actually played it, but I can’t wait to take it for a spin!  And, um, eat me.

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