Adepticon 2018 Recap

Adepticon 2018 was a blast so its time to look back at some photos and do a quick recap of a walk down vendor hall. I know this post is belated but better late than never.

AdeptiCon hosts over 450 events, from board games and miniature games to hobby seminars, team trivia and social gatherings.

2018’s convention was held Mar 22, 2018 – Mar 25, 2018 at the Renaissance Schaumburg Hotel and Convention Center, Schaumburg Township, IL. in the Chicago suburbs.

I started my Adepticon 2018 with 2 seminars on Warhammer 40K tactics that were excellent. The best thing about them was the instructors from Team America 40K. These are some of the best wargamers in the country and it was great to get time with them. Next year I am going to try and sign up for some painting classes.

Before we get into anything else. Let’s start by admiring some entries in the Crystal Brush painting competition.

Crystal Brush 




I’ve never painted a bust before but these make me want to.

there was also lots of gaming

Lots of Bits

Lots of games to check out from the librarium

Lots of storage and accessories

These trays look really handy. I like the metal magnetized ones (not shown) from Table War a little better.

lots of mats to peruse

Also not shown is my first F.A.T. mat purchase. I just got a generic grassland one but they have some really nice designs and good sale prices. Some of their newer mats have hidden deployment lines so if you know what you are looking for you can see deployment areas. It blends into the terrain and is a pretty cool feature for a wargaming mat.

These pluck foam trays were on display and one was included in the swag bags this year. A great price and they have a nice bag for sale that they fit into. I heard Miniature Market is coming out with a board game bag this year too which some of you may want to check out. They didn’t have one to display this year though.

I grabbed some battle foam for myself. I got one that holds 3 Plagueburst Crawlers and one that holds Mortarion. Now I just need to finish painting them.

and there was no shortage of stuff like this

There were lots of games and demos

Nothing particularly special at the Reaper booth. But they have lots of minis and paints to show off. I highly recommend the learn to paint kits from Reaper for anyone new to the hobby. It comes with all the supplies you need to get started as well as an instructional booklet.

There was a lot of buzz this year around Star Wars Legion as you’d expect. We will have a full review on asap.


There’s a Planet of the Apes Miniatures Game coming soon. It looks pretty interesting to me.

Another long line at the Games Workshop booth this year

I was very impressed with these Lovecraftian miniatures. They can be used with Mansions of Madness, Arkham Horror, etc. Pretty great considering the ones that come with Arkham are cardboard pieces placed in plastic stands and the ones with Mansions leave much to be desired.

This year’s Adepticon exclusive model for Walking Dead All out War is Peg-leg Dale. Last year’s was Clementine and Lee from the video game. I enjoy this game and definitely picked up the Dale model. I like that its based on the comics, its a smaller time commitment to play, you can do single player if you want. Also the rules for the walkers add a cool element of sneaking around and being strategic with how you deal with both other players as well as the walkers.

And all your favorite youtubers, podcasters, bloggers, champions, and friends


Adepticon was a success

See you there next year. Adepticon 2019 is scheduled for March 27th – 31st.


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