Now Launching: Fearsome Wilderness the Roleplaying Game!

The night is at its darkest, and you can hear every leaf that crunches under your hastily mended boots. Impossible creatures of the night are watching. You feel a hot breath on your neck and then fur brushing across your back. Hesitation sets in as it starts to rain…

The follow up project to Fearsome Wilderness: The Board Game was a tabletop roleplaying version of the game and following the successful Kickstarter, that separate project is now complete. If you liked the board game, please check out the tabletop roleplaying version of the game.

Click here to purcahse the pdf, softcover, or hardcover version of Fearsome Wilderness: The RPG at DriveThruRPG.

Fearsome Wilderness: The RPG is very different than the board game’s premise but it’s based in the same world and has similar themes. There are still fearsome critters lurking in the night, the characters struggle with nightmares, and wilderness survival is at the forefront. Unlike the board game, in the tabletop RPG, the characters you play are criminals whose prisoner transport spaceship has crash landed, and stranded them in a mysterious wilderness.

The roleplaying game dice are for sale online too. *Please note these RPG dice have different icons than the board game dice. The RPG uses Free League’s Year Zero Engine game system which uses D6 pools.

Everything from the separate tabletop RPG project has shipped (or sent digitally) to backers so now that backers have their rewards, we are making the game publicly available for purchase on DriveThruRPG and to some FLGS locations. If you work at a game store and would like to stock the game, please reach out to us.

Click here to purcahse the pdf, softcover, or hardcover version of Fearsome Wilderness: The RPG at DriveThruRPG.

In Fearsome Wilderness, your characters begin the game as prisoners aboard a transport spaceship who crash on a densely wooded planet inhabited by unnatural fearsome critters of American lumberjack folklore.

Fearsome Wilderness: The RPG uses the Year Zero Engine. If you’ve ever played Mutant: Year Zero, Forbidden Lands, Coriolis, Tales from the Loop, Things from the Flood, Alien the RPG, or Vaesen, we hope you’ll feel right at home.

Included is an easy guide to randomly generate wilderness sectors, quick reference charts and general information about wildlife, animal threats, hunting, fishing, foraging, trapping, filtering water, starting a fire, and many more details to inspire your wilderness survival roleplaying.

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