The Mandalorian Deck for Unmatched has no equals

I started up an Unmatched Deck for The Mandalorian a little bit ago, and posted it at Board Game Geek.  Longtime blog follower Matt W got involved, gave it a theme, tested it and finished it out.  Adam W pulled together some great art for the cards, and used the Unmatched Maker website to lay it out.

We’re fortunate to be hosting The Mandalorian for Unmatched here here at Geektopia Games.  Unlike Epic Duels, all Unmatched decks are essentially “Tier 2” and you’re always trying for a balanced deck.  This one can dish it out and take it but has some weaknesses.  Try it out against Medusa or Big Foot, and let us know how he does!

For fans of Epic Duels, of course we have an Epic Duels deck for Mando as well.

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