Unmatched Deck Structure

Here’s what we know so far, feel free to jump into the comments to add anything!

  • 30 cards
  • 18 specials and 12 basic.  Sinbad is an exception at 17 and 13.

Special cards for Heroes and sidekicks:

    • Specials are split between the Hero and the sidekicks, except in Bruce Lee’s case.
    • So far, Merlin has the most cards among sidekicks, at 7 cards.
    • Porter has the fewest cards among sidekicks, at 3 cards.
    • It makes no difference if the sidekick is a single personality, like Merlin or Porter, or a set of sidekicks, like Medusa’s Harpies or Robin Hood’s Outlaws.

Special card mix:

Go ahead and click through to the Unmatched Deck Structure page to read more and comment.  I want this content on a dedicated page, but also wanted to post it to the blog’s homepage, sorry for the detour.


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