From epic decks to epic games

In case you haven’t noticed, Geektopia is changing.  We’ve gone from strictly a site about Star Wars Epic Duels to a site with more forms of Epic Duels, reviews of other games, and even our own original games.  We’ve added a blogger, Dystopian Dave.  Between the 2 of us, we play a lot of games, create expansions, and paint a lot of miniatures, so stick around.

With more changes going on with our gaming world, our site may be changing even more in the coming months.  We will still bring content for Star Wars Epic Duels, as Disney creates more material for it.  That won’t change.  Our Epic Duels content continues to expand, like Tobias Beckett and Enfys Nest.  We strive to bring content like the Rob Daviau interview and we appreciate the many who visit this site with Epic Duels as the primary reason.

In terms of Epic Duels, we always try to make decks that do somethingLuminara and Barriss team up.  Grievous fights you with 4 arms.  Nute hides behind his Droidekas.  Rey gets more powerful as the game goes on.  Director Krennic tries to set up his one big blast.  We don’t just make decks to make them, we make decks that do something, something that other decks don’t.  We think it’s why you like our decks and why you keep coming back.

With some of those same principles, the same people behind Geektopia have formed Geektopia Games, an original board game company.  It’s literally us:  Roman, Ian, Cagey, Dave, Docmogs, and one other guy, Chuck, with actual games industry experience.  We will be publishing Cage Match in the coming months, followed by other titles, so stay tuned.  We have at least 3 other prototypes in the works as well, and we have a similar approach to games as we do to decks:  You have to be able to do something in these games.  I frequently cite Do-Something-Ability in my game reviews, as one of the major things I look for in a game.  It’s one of the major things we instill in our Epic Duels decks.  And it’s one of the things we will instill in every new game we bring you.

Start with Cage Match.  You get to knock out or submit your opponent unless, of course, he or she does it to you first.  So when you play, you get to do something, and as it is with our decks, we didn’t make the game to just make it.  We made Cage Match because there isn’t an authentic MMA game on the market.  We’ve got one, and the feedback is highly positive by MMA fans and non-MMA fans alike.  More on that soon.

Until then, happy dueling, or enjoying whatever games you are playing.

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