Terraforming Mars Championship at GenCon Aug 2-4

If you’re going to GenCon this year from Aug 2-5, there’s still time to get in on the Terraforming Mars Championship, officially sanctioned by Stronghold Games!

Sign up now!

If you’re thinking of going to GenCon, it’s not too late to get tickets. Get a badge!

Join the wait list at hotels — things typically will open up if you’re patient.  If you’re in the area of Indianapolis, buy a 1-day badge, come out early Saturday morning August 4th, play the 9am qualifier, and see how you do.  Either you advance, or you get to wander around the convention hall all day.

I’m running 4, 16-player qualifiers, you may sign up for more than one and as of right now, there are still spots available in all of them:

Thursday 1pm (just a few spots left)
Friday 9am (same)
Friday 1pm (plenty of space for some reason)
Saturday 9am (just a few spots left)

The semi-finals and finals are Saturday at 1pm.  If you win your 4-player game in the qualifier, you will advance to the semi-finals.

Winner will receive a special prize pack from Stronghold Games!


  • Base map
  • Corporate Era Expansion, plus the new Prelude Expansion
  • Initial draw of 10 cards, and you keep them.  You choose from 1 of the 2 corporations.  If we get enough feedback to ban one, we will, but we haven’t so far.
  • You draft the 4 new cards each round by selecting a card, then passing to your right.There will be moderators, but players are expected to police their own games.

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