Epic Duels

If you’re looking for materials for Star Wars Epic Duels, you’ve come to the right place.

Inventory as of 6/1/18:

  • Over 50 original SWED decks in .PDF and Vassal extension form.
  • 4 recreations of others’ SWED decks in Vassal extension form, 1 also in print.
  • 1 set of tweaks for 8 of the original SWED decks, in both .PDF and .zip for Vassal form (along with 4 additional Vassal maps).
  • Information on 4 original, unaltered SWED decks by Hasbro and on basic decks behind original and custom decks.
  • Lord of the Rings Epic Duels with 26 decks and 6 maps.
  • Information on the Transformers version of the game by Hasbro.

About Geektopia Epic Duels

Geektopia is best known for creating over 50 character decks for Star Wars Epic Duels (offsite link) that are unique, relatively balanced and most of all, fun.  We play exclusively 2v2, also use a set of tweaks to 8 of the original 12 decks, plus the other original 4 decks, plus a set of house rules.  At any time, we can utilize our set to play 12 2v2 games or play one 24 vs. 24 game, which we did something similar to once (picture above, click to learn more about the biggest battle in Epic Duels history here).  You can learn more about us and our house rules here.

By relative balance, we mean our decks are intended to be representative of that character’s power as seen in the films, by our interpretation, with some decks intentionally stronger and weaker than others. You can see the core decks listed by Power Level or look them up by film or source.

We also have additional Fun/Experimental decks that we’ll break out for more beer-and-pretzel sessions or for marathon sessions with more than 12 games (few and far between these days).  If we like a deck someone else has created, we’ll use that one directly.

Get them all for Vassal and play online!


  1. bbfiddler says:

    Hi Roman, been a while since I’ve been back here… Haven’t had many people to play the game with but I’m trying to get some new people into it. Thanks for updating the Shaak-Ti deck, I’ll have to give it a try! (also keeping this site up… it’s great)
    I’ve got a question about the deck designer program. Whenever I print decks off from PDFs, I have problems aligning it just right. It’s good but not perfect. Some decks I’ve seen have added spaces between the cards on the front side which kind of hides any alignment problems, partly because the back images are larger than the front side. “Is it possible to learn this power?” Or do you have any tips for printing? I think the problem is the image part of the PDF doesn’t sit in the exact middle (slightly too far left, like 1/16 in, ends up being 1/8 between both sides).

  2. bbfiddler says:

    So I don’t have my own printer to use, I did have a cheap one but color printing was out of the question because of ink cartridge costs. I’ve been using fed ex print which is a little pricy ($.65/color page) but the quality is really nice. I’ve tried increasing the border a bit (I think to the 3 pixel setting) so we’ll see if that works, but I also noticed when printing from Adobe on another printer if I choose the print option “fit” it seemed like the page was oversized so I might try messing around with those options. Haven’t really had a chance to try again.

    • roman says:

      On any standard inkjet, the color ink cartridges cost a pretty penny, but that’s still a lot cheaper than printing out at FedEx!

      I try to use the printers at work as often as I can but I do sometimes resort to the ol’ home printer.

  3. bbfiddler says:

    Ehh from my experience the printer cartridges were significantly more expensive. I am just trying to use my work printer and I think that will work out nicely!

    • roman says:

      Hi Zubb, thanks for your interest.

      Please be specific about which figures you’re looking for, because there are different answers. Start by looking at the individual pages, such as the Kylo Ren page, and you’ll see what figures I’m using. If the answer isn’t there, that’s the best place to ask.

      Anyhoo, for Beckett and Enfys Nest, I don’t have any ideas right now. You might see what kind of merchandise Disney is making available. You probably won’t get Epic Duels scale figures but as long as they fit on the board, they’ll work. You can let me know if you find anything!

      For Kylo Ren, I would see if you can find a Star Wars Monopoly that came out after The Force Awakens. I bought it new for $20 or $25 so used, it should be even less. You’ll get figures for Kylo Ren and Finn. Rey and Poe can be covered by Leia Bounty Hunter and a Rebel Pilot, respectively.

      Anyone pre-Disney probably has one or more Star Wars minis that will work for it. Even minis are getting harder and harder to find…

    • roman says:

      Hi tmag, thanks for your interest.

      Not likely we’ll come up with a Dryden Vos deck. I’m not even seeing that much interest in Enfys Nest and Tobias Beckett.

      If you’re interested in Dryden Vos, why not come up with your own? He definitely duels and could be made into a deck. Go to the Wiki and post some ideas and I’ll help you.

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