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Baylan Skoll

Minor(s): 2 HK-87 Assassin Droids

Still an early-ish draft and I’ve had thoughts of putting him with Shin, but for now each has their own deck.

Baylan Skoll
by Roman

Baylan Skoll
18 HP
Blue Deck

2x HK-87 Assassin Droids
Strong ranged minors

Baylan Skoll – 12 Talent Cards

3x Destroy to Create
A6*. *After seeing the defense card, you may discard up to 3 cards and add 1 to the attack value for each card you discard.

2x Controlled Rage
All enemies adjacent to Baylan take 3 damage. Discard a card and draw a card.

1x Not a Jedi
A*.  *Attack value is equal to one half the number of cards in your discard pile, rounded down.

2x Choke
Choose a minor character to take 5 damage.

2x Secure the Future
Look at the top 5 cards of your draw pile.  Put 3 in your hand and discard the others.

2x General’s Orders
Move Baylan and his Droids up to 4 spaces each. You may discard a card to draw a card.


This is based loosely on the Balrog deck, to which JAG contributed a lot of ideas.  Intended to be very Dooku-like with his 18 HP, strong minors, strong attacks, similar movement card, similar card drawing card, and lack of power defense.  Asajj has RAGE, Baylan has CONTROLLED RAGE.

Some want to see him with Shin but I think it’s very clear that each follows their own path and besides, this particular design will not work well with a named minor and all the discarding.

DESTROY TO CREATE may seem strong but 3 discards is a massive penalty to pay for an A9, one you’d almost never want to use unless it’s late in the game and your minors are destroyed, and that’s his primary offensive weapon.  He’s got to make use of his CHOKE and RAGE cards to effect things, while trying to stay alive long enough to play NOT A JEDI to finish off the opposing major.




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