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Count Dooku

Minor(s): 2 Super Battle Droids

We never liked Dooku’s pose. We always called him ‘I’m a little teapot’,” — Rob Daviau, creator of Epic Duels, in 2018. 

What does this deck do:  Taunts, Force pushes and deals lightning.

“Darth Tyranus”
Modified deck. Original Epic Duels deck by Rob Daviau and Craig Van Ness. Modifications by Geektopia.

Count Dooku
18 HP
22 Cards
Blue Deck

2x Super Battle Droids
5 HP Each
9 Cards
Strong+ Ranged Minor Deck

Dooku – 12 Talent Cards

A7; draw 1 card

Move all units up to 4 spaces each. Draw a card.

Inflict 2 damage; move target anywhere.

Draw 3 cards

Inflict 3 damage to anyone on board; victim must discard 1 card

Why tweak Dooku?  Despite being one of the better-balanced of the original Epic Duels decks, Dooku’s deck didn’t really reflect what we saw from the character in Episode 2. Although Dooku certainly wasn’t a weak deck, his deck strength didn’t live up to his formidable movie persona and his movement and direct damage cards were weaker than everyone else’s. Also, since the deck was written before the movie came out, the signature component of LIGHTNING had been left out of his deck. All of this has been remedied to this version, a low Tier 1 deck, right where we want him.





2x DARK LIGHTNING: Inflict 3 damage to one character; controlling player must choose and discard 1 card.


Tweak 2x GIVE ORDERS cards by adding “draw a card”.
Tweak 2x FORCE PUSH by increasing the damage from 1 to 2.

Themes: Power and taunting
Path to Victory: Use your draw power to get all 4 TAUNTINGs, mix in with direct damage
Strengths: High attacks, high direct damage, high card-drawing power, force push, strong minors
Weaknesses: Mediocre defense
Strategy: Draw cards and use minors early to buy time for Dooku to draw multiple TAUNTINGS
Test Level: Very High
Tier: 1B

Notes:  Dooku is probably our favorite deck to play mostly because of the way we play the TAUNTING card: You must verbally taunt the character or player you are attacking in order to draw a card. Any taunt of the character or player will do, even a simple “Ha, ha, you disappoint me!” or “Surely you can do better,” but this rule has resulted in our depicting Dooku as cross between a 19th century Southern plantation owner and a 6th century Roman Senator.  Also, it bears mentioning that a strong Dooku is a fun Dooku.  It’s good to have some tough, lightsaber-wielding bad guys who can duel all the heroic dueling Jedi decks we’ve made.

The tweaked Dooku deck is a versatile, top-tier teammate. Dooku admittedly misses FORCE DRAIN but when did he do that in the movie anyways? Dooku now has his signature lightning, considerable direct damage and even more card-drawing power to go along with those 4 TAUNTINGS.  FORCE PUSH and DARK SIDE LIGHTNING are a nasty combination for isolating and damaging an opponent, and his ability to inflict direct damage from any distance makes him an outstanding teammate, along with his strong minors.  Only his lack of power defense prevents him from being one of the very strongest decks..

We actually experimented for a while by giving Dooku a Green deck to make him a little stronger but he actually missed the Blue deck’s A5s and it was interesting to see that a Green deck in his case really wasn’t much better than a Blue.  He might have been a smidge better overall with a Green deck but he’s top tier with Blue, and it keeps Green reserved for true Masters like Yoda/Sidious/Plaguies, as we don’t think Dooku fits that category.

Want more Dooku?

Not much out there.  I think everyone likes this deck, and most like to play it as is.

Sultan has a set of tweaks if you don’t like ours.

Raistlin’s Dooku & Chancellor Palpatine deck is your alternative, unless you want a younger Dooku.




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