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Asajj Ventress

Minor(s): 2 Geonosian Warriors

Thanks to LaminIllustration for the art!

Created after Season 1 of the original Cartoon Network “Clone Wars” cartoon series and before there was a Star Wars Minis figure for her. We recently added a movement card to a deck that otherwise hasn’t changed in many years of frequent play, because we like it a lot.

What does this deck do:  Acts a lot like Maul, launching many attacks, though not as strong or as many as Maul, but with a little better defense.

Updated June 2021 (back art)

Asajj Ventress, Sith Apprentice
by Ian & Geektopia
back art by MD Villarreal

Asajj Ventress
16 HP
22 cards
Red Deck

2x Geonosian Soldiers
4 HP each
9 cards
Weak Ranged Minor Deck

Asajj – 12 Talent Cards

A7.  If this attack is defended, Asajj may move spaces equal to the value of the defense played.

A3.  Playing this card does not count as an action.

Asajj does 3 damage to all adjacent characters. Discard a card.

D5.  If attacker is adjacent, Asajj may play an immediate attack against the attacker.

Asajj does 5 damage to an adjacent opponent. Opponent may choose and discard cards, for each card opponent discards, damage is reduced by 1.

Move Asajj adjacent to any character. Then Asajj does 2 damage to all adjacent characters.

Theme: Furious attacking
Path to Victory: SITH SPEED + either WARLORD and/or TORTURE and/or RAGE
Strengths: High damage output, no-action attacks, direct damage, hit-and-run
Weaknesses: Defense is just ok, limited movement
Strategy: Stockpile, stockpile, stockpile, attack, retreat
Test Level: High but MARTIAL LEAP is a recent addition
Tier: 2

Inspiration: Clone Wars, Seasons 1 and 2 (2003 version, not the more recent version of the cartoon). Her introduction in the arena and her duels with Dooku and Anakin are the highlights of those seasons.

Playing Asajjb: Asajj’s strategy is very similar to Maul’s: Stockpile, stockpile, stockpile, attack, retreat. She doesn’t have Maul’s damage output, but has better defense. Combine LIGHTSABER CUNNING with WARLORD for a dynamic defend-attack-move sequence. WARLORD and TORTURE are great finishing moves, TORTURE especially against an opponent with low cards.

Playing against Asajj: She’s fairly straightforward but there are a few things to watch out for. LIGHTSABER CUNNING gives her a defend-and-move ability so if you attack her, be prepared to defend an A7 and don’t count on getting off a 2nd attack. Beware MARTIAL LEAP because it means no one is safe from her. Also, you need enough cards to be able to absorb TORTURE. Beyond that, don’t step up to fight her unless you’re going to kill her, or you have a large quantity of defense cards, because she can hit you with a flurry of attacks in the blink of an eye. Ranged characters are particularly effective against her since they negate her defend-and-move combo and she can struggle to reach them.




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