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Chancellor Palpatine

Minor(s): Mas Amedda

While technically a new deck, this is actually a re-skin of Freedon Nadd, who is a re-skin of the Eye of Sauron. The short reason is: Eye of Sauron is a great deck that more people should play, but even my own group isn’t likely to play with it or with the Ghost of Freedon Nadd.

But, any of my friends can get excited about Chancellor Palpatine and his faithful political ally, Mas Amedda. And, they’re such a great fit for the Corruption concept that I’m not sure why I didn’t think of it sooner.

What does this deck do:  Corrupts, and pressures you to either play your cards or go after him before he corrupts you further.

Chancellor Palpatine
15 HP
Green Deck

Mas Amedda
10 HP
Minor Brown

Chancellor Palpatine – 8 cards

4x Corruption
Choose a character. That character takes 3 damage, or the player controlling that character discards 3 cards, or any combination up to 3, plus one for each CORRUPTION in your discard pile.

2x Grand Decree
Move all characters adjacent to Chancellor Palpatine up to 5 spaces each.  Draw 2 cards.

2x Do It!
A6.  Play face up to attack any character that an allied character could attack, or that Palpatine could attack at range.

Mas Amedda – 4 cards

2x Political Action
A4.  If this attack does damage, then playing this card does not count as an action.

2x Abuse of Power
A8*.  *The value of any defense card is doubled.

Vassal X-Y:  1900, 1650. If he sticks, he’ll likely stay in that spot.




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