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Greef Karga

This is based on the Smokescreen deck from the Transformers game, intended to improve upon some of that deck’s flaws.  We miss the late great Carl Weathers.

Thanks to cover addict for the art.

Greef Karga & IG-11
by Roman

Greef Karga
14 HP
Brown Deck

Greef – 9 cards

3x King of Sting
A4.  If this card does damage, it does not count as an action.

3x Master of Disaster
A*.  *Attack value is equal to the amount of damage the defending player has taken.

3x Dancing Destroyer
Greef does 3 damage to a character he can attack. Then move Greef up to 5 spaces.

Wrong deck!  Wrong deck!

Greef Karga & IG-11
by Roman

Greef Karga
14 HP
Yellow+ Deck

11 HP
Strong minor deck

3x Prosperity
A4. All players may draw up to 3 cards.

3x Keep the Peace
A2*. *Add 1 to the attack value for each card the player controlling the attacked character currently has in their hand.

2x Under Arrest
Move Greef and IG-11 up to 4 spaces each then choose an opponent with a character adjacent to one of them. That opponent cannot attack or play any Special cards during his/her next turn.

1x Tax and Spend
Discard any number of cards. Recover 1 health per card you discard.

Sheriff IG-11 – 3 cards

2x Bursting with Guns
A4.  After attacking, IG-11 does 2 damage to all characters he can attack.

1x Long Arm
Move IG-11 up to 5 spaces. Then look at all opponents’ hands who have a character adjacent to IG-11. Then choose one card to discard from each hand you’ve looked at.




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