Smokescreen – Geektopia Games


19 HP

17 basics

1x 5/1
2x 4/2
3x 3/3
2x 2/3
2x 1/4
2x 3/1
2x 2/1
3x 1/2

14 specials

4x Crane Smash
A*. The attack value of this card is equal to the number of cards the player controlling the attacked character currently has in his/her hand.

4x Wrecking Ball
A5. All players may draw up to 3 cards.

2x Reroute
You may discard any number of cards to gain back damage points equal to the number of cards discarded.

3x Liftor – Boomerang
Choose an opponent. That opponent cannot attack or play any Special cards during his/her next turn.

1x Laserbeak
Look at all opponents’ hands. Then choose one card to discard from each hand.

I’ll tell you I’m not a fan of the Smokescreen deck.  My first problem is, the original Smokescreen was a sports car that drove around, spraying a thick cloud of smoke. This one is a crane.  I don’t get it.  Next, he looks like an Autobot, but isn’t Laserbeak a Decepticon?  Again, I don’t get it.

That, and, his cards aren’t really that good.  A worse version of Mace’s BATTLE MIND.  I’ve never seen Smokescreen have a good game.



  1. JAG18 says:

    Do you think this tweak to CRANE SMASH would give him enough of a boost?
    A2*: *Add 1 to the attack value of this card for every card the player controlling the attacked character currently has in his hand.

    Right now, in Geektopia terms, I think Smokescreen is Tier 2C, whereas Red Alert, Demolisher, and Cyclonius, are all Tier 1B/Tier 2A, so it would be ideal to find some tweaks that would close that gap a bit.

      • JAG18 says:

        I tried this tweak out and I think you might be right, but on the other hand I was playing with weaker SW decks so the A2 might be necessary to keep up with the rest of the Transformers decks.

        The reason I’m bringing this up is because I’m thinking of uploading vassal decks for these Transformers decks to the new wiki, but first I thought it might be a good idea to tweak the weaker decks a bit so that’s they’re both funner to play and on the same level as the rest of the set. Although, I’m honestly at a loss as to what to do with Starscream.

        • roman says:

          Even though I think the best bet with Starscream is to start from scratch, I think we want to preserve some semblance of the original decks.

          In that spirit, take 2-3 of his DELUSIONS OF GRANDEUR card and give him something to hit with: A6 at least, possibly as high as A8. He still won’t be really fun and has some wonky cards but he’ll be playable at least.

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