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Mon Mothma & Crix Madine

Umondy and I collaborated on some 2-major decks in the 2020-21 timeframe, a concept Robert Moore pioneered back in the early 2000s with Nute Gunray & Rune Haako. In 2020-21, I followed some of that thinking for San Hill & Wat Tambor, then umondy followed with this deck, then I followed with Ozzel & Piett.

What I like about this trend is that it lets me get some characters into the game that I’d struggle to A) Care about and B) Make strong enough to compete with fully trained Jedi.  I don’t really want to see 2 new “commander” decks for Ozzel and for Piett, but putting them together, they’re fun.  Yet, because they’re commanders, as are San Hill & Wat Tambor, I don’t really want to see them as strictly a major and minor without the troop support you’d expect.

Anyways, Mon Monthma & Crix Madine sort of complete the set of dual major decks for me, so if you’re going to add either dual-major decks like San & Wat and Ozzel & Piett, then add this one too, or just add it anyways.

Mon Mothma & Crix Madine
by Dirk Heyer


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