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Dark Troopers

A new one based on The Mandalorian TV series.  This features 4 indistinguishable major characters.

What does this deck do:  Absorbs a lot of damage and provides a lot of cover for teammates while threatening opponents.

Dark Troopers
by Roman F
graphic design by BML Designs (Battle Card)

Dark Troopers x4
7 HP Each
Unique Basic:  Yellow + Weak Ranged Minor (19 cards)

There are no minor characters in this character set.

Dark Troopers – 12 talent cards

A4*.  *Add 1 to the attack value for each Dark Trooper adjacent to the attacking Dark Trooper.

A6.  After attacking, FULL ARSENAL does 1 damage to all opponents adjacent to the attacking Dark Trooper.

D5*. *Add 1 to the defend value for each Dark Trooper adjacent to the defending Dark Trooper.

All opponents adjacent to a Dark Trooper take 3 damage.

Move each Dark Trooper to any vacant space.

I’d love to come up with something around the way they need to “power up” and with a single character, there might be a way to do it with the 9 cards that are typically a minor’s basic cards.  But, for now, this is a bit more of a traditional single character deck based on something that I’ve already seen work.   This deck is based on the Nazgul and it’s a challenge to defeat with its 4 characters and is imperviousness to cards that target minors only.





  1. Separatist18 says:

    Its been awhile since I’ve played/haven’t seen Mandalorian but check the site now and again.

    32 hit points does seem ludicrously high. Most sets in SWED don’t have more than 28, and we’re talking all the points being “major characters”, *and* there’s the potential for “wasted damage” (if your killing blow on one of the troopers does more damage than the health a trooper has remaining, it doesn’t transfer to another trooper.)

    Even if the deck itself somehow played moderate or weak, it still seems like a heck of a lot of hit points to carve through for no reason, given you said even all four of these guys are no match for a jedi.

    I’d probably do 5 or 6 hit points each (6 would best fit the normal distribution of “total hit points” for a deck, while 5 would be accommodating the fact that these guys are all major characters. I could see a case for 7 if you only had to kill 3 of the 4 to win, even then 8 would kinda seem like a lot.

    • roman says:

      I was actually thinking that I’ll probably go 7, which is still a pretty robust 28 hit points. Unlikely I want to go less than that but we’ll see how 7 plays. I think they should be pretty tough.

    • roman says:

      Thanks for your interest! If Boba has his own show, I will almost for sure make a deck for him, but I’d like to see the show play out a bit first.

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