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Unmatched details from Rolling Dice and Taking Names

Check out the really excellent podcast by Rolling Dice & Taking Names with Rob Daviau and his business partner (and blog commenter) Justin Jacobson. If you want to see the game in action, you can get a glimpse from Roll for Crit on YouTube. Sign up up for our newsletter! Some highlights: In battle there …

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Epic Duels is returning and we couldn’t be more excited

By now, you’ve surely heard that Rob Daviau and Restoration Games are publishing Unmatched a new, multi-series, tactical dueling game based on the original Epic Duels, per Rob and per Restoration Games. I’ll post all the official Tweets here: It kicked off with this tweet: Unmatched is a new take on the design of Star …

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Rob’s new games: Rob Daviau Interview Part 4 of 5

After seeing a recent surge of interest in Epic Duels here and on the Wiki, I contacted Rob Daviau , the original creator of Star Wars Epic Duels, and requested an interview.  He agreed, and we met in person at the NYC Toy Fair in February.  This is the fourth part of our 10-minute conversation. Roman:  There was going to be a …

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