Epic Duels is returning and we couldn’t be more excited

By now, you’ve surely heard that Rob Daviau and Restoration Games are publishing Unmatched a new, multi-series, tactical dueling game based on the original Epic Duels, per Rob and per Restoration Games. I’ll post all the official Tweets here:

It kicked off with this tweet:

Which led to this tweet:

Here is the rest from Restoration Games:

I like the sound of most ambitious restoration ever, especially after Fireball Island.

In case you’re new to this blog, Rob Daviau and I chatted about this last year, but mostly talked Epic Duels.

I never got into Buffy but Joss Whedon is a genius.

Way better than Epic Duels. Board games have changed a lot between then and now, and the standards have become really high. Good for us players, tough for us publishers.

I dig it.

Suzanne chimes in. Now, Restoration has a marketing person named Suzanne. If that’s this Suzanne, and I think it is, she’s a great get for them, with over 12.5K Twitter followers and an appearance on the Ludology podcast a little less than a year ago:

The Brothers Murph are YouTubers and podcasters:


More Brothers Murph, even tastier stuff:

More Rob:


We will definitely have more to say about this game. It will debut at GenCon, and as I will be there, it will be the first place that I go. We’ve started a page at the Epic Duels Wiki. You excited or what?

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