Solo: A Star Wars story and Epic Duels

You might have heard that there’s a new Star Wars movie out in theaters.  Every new film has brought us new characters worthy of representation in Epic Duels, and this one is no exception.

WARNING:  Light spoilers ahead.

I’m not giving too much away when I say that not all of the characters are who they appear to be.  Since there are a good number of action sequences, there are also a good number of decks that could potentially have decks behind them:

Young Han (still with Chewie, but a different set of moves)
Young Lando (I would put him with L3-37)
Enfys Nest (with 2 Cloud Riders)
Tobias Beckett (with Val, I guess)
Qi’Ra (with 2 Crimson Dawn… or even with her boss, but I’d rather not include him)
Dryden Vos (with 2 thugs)

I love Enfys Nest really just because of how she looks in her armor, but I like the character too.  I will come up with something for her and even started a page.

Beckett is an interesting character as well, is worthy of a deck and I’ve already set a page up.  We could put him with Val, but I also might include references to Cheers, War for the Planet of the Apes, Natural Born Killers or even White Men Can’t Jump.  With so many references to squeeze in, he might need all 12 cards to himself, put him with a couple of crew or whatever.

I’ll do other stuff as ideas come, but most of my creativity goes towards original games these days, so I’d love to see others come up with the other decks.

Which decks from the Solo movie would you like to see?

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