Teapots and prototypes: snippets from my Rob Daviau interview

I’m at the Toy Fair in NYC and I spent a few minutes chatting with Rob Daviau, creator of Star Wars Epic Duels and many other titles.  I will have the complete interview posted later in the week but I wanted to post a few fun snippets:

“I came up with the Yoda deck first.  It kind of is like a prototype deck that got published… this one’s still a little fussy.”

“Vader probably needed tuning, Yoda is a little fussy, I like… how Chewie feels like a major character.  I did the Greedo, where he either is really great or dies because it just made me laugh.”

“I like that the character decks do feel different… with just a difference of 12 cards.”

“We never liked Dooku’s pose. We always called him ‘I’m a little teapot’.”

Much, much more to come…

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