Updated SWED Disney decks plus a new dueling game

Mostly some small things:

  • Updated Snoke and Luke Grand Master.
  • Added some HP to Jyn (then undid it), Cassian and Chirrut.
  • Adjusted the Vassal X-Y coordinates of most of the Disney decks including Kylo Ren, General Hux and all the Rogue One decks; only Rey and Finn were unaffected.  Now, all 10 of these decks make up Y 2150.
  • The Vassal page has updated GeektopiaSWED-5.zip to include the changes to the Disney decks.  GeektopiaSWED-4.zip was also updated to include an update to Sora Bulq (weak minors replace strong ones).

Also, I’ve developed a new original game called Cage Match, the tabletop game of head-to-head mixed martial arts combat and I’m looking for play testers and feedback.  Let me know if you’re interested.



  1. JAG18 says:

    Interesting stuff small as it may be; especially the vassal stuff oddly enough. Whenever I re-make decks in vassal I usually have to put them in the X2100-2500 range to keep them out of everybody’s way (and I’m thinking of setting up my own decks in Y2900 or somewhere crazy like that). I’ll be sure to revisit the Sora Bulq deck and keep trying Grand Master Luke (BTW Master Sweep is legit).
    Even though I ain’t in any position to play test it, I still wish you the best of luck with your new game!

    • roman says:

      I saw 2 play tests with Luke, Snoke, Sora Bulq, and Rey.

      Luke was awfully tough, almost impossible to bring down. His offense is weak. I saw one game where he got his 2 A7s early and won the game pretty easily. In the second game, it ended up being a draw where Luke had the advantage, but couldn’t find enough damage twice through the deck to end the game outright. He’s very much like original Yoda but a little better, a little more fun. MASTER SWEEP was A6 once, A4 every other time. I think high level opponents would mess him up but I don’t know about that yet. I changed his D4s to D0s to make his deck more interesting – you have to time them right, but they can be devastating, but also devastating to Luke.

      The Snoke deck is pretty fun. It actually suits him well in that it’s threatening, but it isn’t really that good. I saw him do 6 damage to Luke at one point with DELUSIONS OF GRANDEUR but for the most part, it’s hard to do more than 2-3 damage with it. Still, if you do 3 with it, 3 times, then 2 with FORCE THROW 3 times, that’s 15 damage. It’s hard to pull off though and he struggles with damage in general. He can keep you at 5 cards but not really below that. Snoke isn’t a bad teammate because of his strong minors and damage from a distance, but he’s not a very strong deck by any means.

      Jyn actually looked pretty nasty with 17 HP. She won the first game by playing her A10, reshuffling her draw pile, using the HOPE card to get it again, and playing it again. The second game, she had to discard the A10 when she played her D10 to save herself, but ended up surviving a turn with just 1 HP, enough to kill Sora Bulq on her next turn, a huge deal that eliminated Snoke’s chance to get more than a draw (which he did). With her weak minors and heroic nature, I’m going to leave her at 17 HP.

      Sora Bulq didn’t get great draws either game but his cards aren’t great either, requiring a large hand to really be effective. He shouldn’t be great but I’m going to change those A4s back to A5s just to give him more of a game. I like his weak battle droids for sure.

    • roman says:

      Another play test and Luke was just plain beastly in dispensing with Snoke and Dooku, using IWFNY to dismantle Dooku multiple times and using an A8 MASTER SWEEP on 3 enemies at one point. Following that game, I’ve toned down MASTER SWEEP to just one other enemy, reduced him to 1x IWNFY and upped to 2x LEVITATE, as the latter is his weakest card for sure.

      I’m debating if his TURNED AGGRESSION is a more useful card as a D4 or a D0, and I actually think he’s more dangerous if it’s a D0, so I’m going back to D4. With D0, Luke can really punish you for attacking him with minors, or make you discard your entire hand (or at least close to it) if you use an A7 on him, and he has enough defense to get away with letting you selectively damage him.

      Also, with the benefit of a tough teammate like Luke, I’ve seen Jyn really shine in multiple games. She doesn’t need a 17th hit point, it only raises her floor for the games where she doesn’t get going, but her ceiling is very high when she does get going, so I need to lower her floor a bit with only 16 HP.

  2. Raistlin says:

    Hey Roman! Here is Raistlin from Italy 🙂
    I received your message. How are you old friend?

    I constantly play Epic Duels right now eheheh – I played it just last friday night as an entry level game for a new gamer-girl. She liked it a lot (and played your 4-arms Grievous deck!).

    Yes, I stll write boardgames reviews and… my first game is out now: Warstones.
    I created it with a good friend and famous italian game-designer (Andrea Chiarvesio… Kingsburg, Olympus, Hyperborea and other games)
    You will find it also on Boardgamegeek, here:
    (hope the link is legal here – if not, remove it)
    The game will be available in the USA soon – if all things go in the right way.

    Cage Match looks interesting. Tempus fugit here… but I hope to have some spare time to look at it more in depths.

    Thank you very much for your message. I’ll never forget you and the others Epic Duels fans.

    • roman says:

      Saluti Maurizio!

      È bello parlare di nuovo con il mio amico italiano! Congratulazioni per Warstones! Fantastico!

      Ok, I’ve used up all of my Italian. I’m delighted to hear that you still play Epic Duels. I would love your feedback on Luke Grand Master and Supreme Leader Snoke!

      However, I mainly contacted you about Cage Match, as mixed martial arts has tremendous international appeal, and because you and I seem to have similar taste in games, including the particular flavor of Epic Duels that we like to play. I hope you can find time for Cage Match to play test it, review it and/or help me find distribution in Europe or at least Italy. Let me know what you might be interested in, and if there’s anything I can do to help with Warstones, as I will be talking with game companies in February at the Toy Fair in NYC.

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